Stout & Stormy Cocktail

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This variation on the classic Dark ‘n Stormy takes ginger beer and floats dark stout beer on top. The cocktail is both flavorful and refreshing, without being too strong and makes for a great alternative to a traditional liquor cocktail or a draft beer. Milk Mustachio Stout has a deep flavor of cocoa, espresso and burnt raisin. It absorbs the spiciness of the ginger, and gives the drink a rich malty weight that lends a hint of bitterness on the finish to keep it refreshing.

¾ oz. fresh-pressed lime juice
1 oz. ginger syrup (raw- or brown-sugar syrup steeped with a whole helluva lot of grated ginger)
1 can Milk Mustachio Stout

How To
1. Shake lime juice and ginger syrup together — with vigor! — and strain into a glass.

2. Add in Milk Mustachio Stout on top. Float it if you can. Obviously from the pic, I can’t.

3. Serve with a wedge of lime.

4. Make another!

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    1. Hey there Richard! Because of distribution laws, the best we can do is invite you to find a reason to visit New Mexico and stock right up on our cases of Milk Stout cans. 🙂 And future-wise: keep your ear the the ground, because there may just be officially distributed Tractor coming to a Texas near you!

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