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We do sell kegs, cans, and growlers at this location.

We do not serve food.  You are more than welcome to bring your own food, get take-out delivered from a great neighborhood restaurant or patronize one of the many local food trucks.

What's On Tap On The West Side

Classic or Seasonal
West Side
  • Acreage IPA Beer Icon
    Acreage IPA
    ABV 6.4 IBU 100+

    A fresh melody of pine and fruit hop boldness with a balanced aroma of citrus, pine and sweet bread. Light copper colored beer with dense bright white head, balanced piney & tropical flavor with subtle lingering bitterness. Malty sweetness is balanced with clean finish. Moderate carbonation & medium body, this is a bold yet flavorful and surprisingly drinkable IPA that is overall well balanced.

  • All American Rejects Beer Icon.
    All American Rejects Porter
    ABV 7.2 IBU 38

    Introducing “The All American Reject Porter,” a beer that embodies the essence of 2000s emo bands. This jet-black elixir boasts brooding flavors that will transport you to the era of dark lyrics and emotional intensity. With a velvety smooth body, this Porter harmonizes notes of bitter chocolate, roasted malt, and a hint of espresso, reminiscent of the introspective melodies of your favorite emo anthems. Served with a side of nostalgia, this Porter invites you to savor each sip and embrace the bittersweet memories of a bygone era.

  • Be Kind Rewind Pale Ale Icon.
    Be Kind Rewind Pale Ale
    ABV: 6.6 IBU: 92

    Introducing the Be Kind Rewind Pale Ale! Life was simpler in the 80’s, so we simplified this recipe and hopped it using exclusively the Idaho 7 Hop. This brew explodes with hoppy nostalgia straight to your glass. Brace yourself for a radical journey through citrusy groves and tropical hoppy waves. With a righteous balance of bitterness and flavor, this brew will transport you back to the era of big hair, neon lights, and totally tubular brews. Grab a pint, crank up the synthwave tunes and remember to Be Kind and Rewind those VHS tapes. Cheers dudes and dudettes!  




  • Berry Cider Icon
    Berry Cider
    ABV 6.5 Brix 2.0

    Berry Cider now has a new look and more true to style taste! The new aroma lends authentic mixed berry character similar to fresh pressed red raspberry, blueberry and blackberry juice. With subtle notes of apple cider, this new recipe allows berry flavors to stand on their own. It finishes pleasantly crisp with lingering notes of fresh picked berries. Berry Cider has a new color and is better than ever.

  • Blood Orange Cider Icon
    Blood Orange Cider
    ABV: 6.5

    A testament to the August summer sunset with its pinkish hazy hue, this is a cider perfect for picnics on the lawn or grill outs with friends. Sweet yet semi tart its crisp clean refreshing finish is pronounced with the citrus flavors of the blood orange.

  • Cowgirl Coffee Stout Beer Icon.
    Cowgirl Coffee Stout
    ABV 6.1 IBU 23

    The cacao & milk sugar (lactose) tame the high hop bitterness of this delicious coffee stout. Exceedingly smooth, the taste just rolls over your tongue like liquid dessert. We sourced the coffee from local roaster Oval Dogs Coffee out of Rio Ranch. The cold brew concentrate they made for us was with their Guatemalan and Peruvian beans, which make for an exquisite blend that complements our beer to the fullest degree. Deceptively refreshing, she shoots from the hip and lassos your taste-buds with the subtle sweetness of her smirk.

  • Cranberry Ginger Icon New
    Cranberry Ginger Cider
    ABV 6.8

    Spicy, tart, refreshing, and austere. This brazen cider embraces its individuality not only in its ruby appearance, but also its crisp mouthfeel, cutting cranberry, and zesty ginger. Truly divergent in nature and daring in essence.

  • Cupids Crush Beer Icon
    Cupids Crush Raspberry Wheat
    ABV 7.5 IBU 21

    Indulge in the sweet embrace of love with our Cupid’s Crush Raspberry Wheat Beer. This enchanting brew blends the tartness of ripe raspberries with the smoothness of wheat, creating a symphony of flavor that will captivate your heart. Let each sip awaken your senses and ignite a spark of passion this Valentine’s Day. Cheers to love, cheers to joy, and cheers to Cupid’s Crush Raspberry Wheat – a true celebration of romance in every delightful drop.

  • Dry CIder Icon
    Delicious Golden Dry Cider
    ABV: 6.9 IBU: n/a

    Our Delicious Golden Dry Cider starts with apples from Washington state and is then fermented with Champagne yeast. Not as sweet as its relatives, this is a mature cider that has been allowed to develop and gain complex flavor all while retaining a mild apple flavor in the finish. Suggested Food Pairings: Blue/Muenster Cheese, Rib Eye Steak, Pork Belly, Caramelized Pear and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

  • Delicious Red Hard Apple Cider icon
    Delicious Red Apple Cider ®
    ABV 6.9
    Available in Cans

    Synchronized flavors and carbonation cultivate the palate without the effect of tongue fatigue. Whether sitting, standing, hitching or pulling, this toe tapping cider won’t wear wobbly.

    Some secrets of its stamina are known, more become apparent when you see and try it for yourself. Even if you’ve been drinking ciders for as long as we have, there’s a fresh new thrill waiting for you. It is tastier, smoother, more golden in color, and more flavorful than anything else in its class.

    It’s good to the core!

  • Double Plow Oatmeal Stout icon
    Double Plow Oatmeal Stout ®
    ABV 5.8 IBU 36

    Taste the naturally rich flavor of the earth in this thick malty beer with chocolate and dark roast malts, farm fresh rolled oats and all natural ingredients. Full bodied with a finish on the drier side of the palate.

  • Farmer's Tan Red Ale icon
    Farmer's Tan Red Ale ®
    ABV 6.0 IBU 31

    Big, rich and malty, was designed to bring forward bold candy flavors that mingle with slight notes of earthy hops. Pour yourself one of these deep amber ales and let your senses enjoy the aroma of toasted caramel malt that finishes slightly sweet and unbelievably delicious.

  • Hay Maker Honey Wheat
    ABV 6.0 IBU 11

    A light, honey colored wheat ale made with local New Mexico honey. This crisp beer strikes of honey followed by a slightly hoppy aftertaste. Make hay while the sun shines. Drink a hay maker anytime.

  • Javi Light Lager icon
    Javi Pre-Prohibition Lager
    ABV 5.2 IBU 23

    This is a pre-prohibition, American-style lager with a brilliant straw color and light head. Lightly toasted malt aromas blend with the sweet flavor of flaked maze. This is an excellent session beer with a distinctively sweet but subtle flavor. Join us in raising a glass to Javier “Javi” Garcia, who was a friend of Tractor’s and a friend to all. He lost his life in a bicycle accident on an evening ride home. The spirit of his friendship brings something special to every pint.

  • Luna de los Muertos skull beer icon
    Luna de los Muertos Russian Imperial Stout
    ABV 11.6 IBU 76

    Our “Moon of the Dead” is a well-balanced imperial, notes of chocolate and raisin/apricot esters complimenting the ABV heat.

  • Milk Mustachio Icon
    Milk Mustachio Stout ®
    ABV 5.1 IBU 26.2
    Available in Cans

    Let your taste buds embrace this farm fresh twist on a traditional stout. Sweet milk sugar added to this brew blends with rich flavors of chocolate and roasted coffee which can only be described as creamy and delicious.

  • New Mexican Lager icon
    New Mexican Lager ®
    ABV 5.6 IBU 23

    Somewhere between brazenly bold and enchantingly sweet, this New Mexican Lager is neither American nor Mexican. This crisp brew has a lacy white head and delightful golden hue to match the sunny state it homages. Well-balanced, deceptively complex, yet simple in finish; this is a lager you enjoy in any of the 4 gentle Zia seasons. Beban Profundamente Amigos!

  • Pilsner 15 icon
    Pilsner #15
    ABV 6.6 IBU 34

    An eerie coincidence of appearances by the number 15 in the original recipe led to our naming of Pilsner #15. Our flagship pilsner has a clear and light straw body, complimented by a white head and a noteworthy amount of lacing on your glass as it is consumed. You will notice sweet malty characteristics in the aroma as well as mild aromatics of noble hops, inviting you to enjoy this refreshing medium body beer – just don’t drink 15.

  • Prickly Pear Cider Icon
    Prickly Pear Cider
    ABV 6.0 Brix 2.0

    A seasonal cider created with NM Prickly Pear Co. The bold pink color is all natural from prickly pears grown and harvested in the Tijeras Canyon then juiced to perfection in the South Valley of Albuquerque. With a clean apple cider backbone, the herbaceous prickly pear flavor shines through. It finishes slightly sweet with lingering notes of prickly pear. Celebrate with beautiful mountains, rich soil and indigenous fruit of New Mexico!

  • Scorpion Hazy IPA
    Scorpion Hazy IPA
    ABV 7.0 IBU 45

    In honor of the iconic yellow clawed vengeance seeking  Mortal Kombat character, this Hazy IPA is a beautifully succinct ninja specter comprised of three different hop varieties which create something uniquely brutal (in a good way). In an Earth realm of Hazy IPAs this is a very smooth tasting pale with just 45 IBUs but hits you hard at 7.0% ABV. Be unique and prolific, and “get over here” to drink something inspiring.

  • Sodbuster Pale Ale icon
    Sod Buster Pale Ale ®
    ABV 6.5 IBU 35

    An American pale ale straight off the beer farm.

    A hoppy aroma, golden color and high hop flavor make it a favorite of pale ale drinkers everywhere. Packed full of Eldorado and Cascade hops.

    It is refreshing and hoppy with a great malt flavor too.

  • Western Imperialism IPA
    Western Imperialism IPA
    ABV 9.6 IBU 100+

    We don’t care about dry January round these parts. Experience the bold flavors of the West Coast with our Western Imperialism IPA. Bursting with the citrusy and floral notes of Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops, this brew boasts a harmonious blend of hoppy intensity and smooth maltiness. Dive into a symphony of grapefruit, orange, and pine flavors, backed by a robust malt backbone, culminating in a refreshing and lingering finish. Embrace the spirit of the coast with each sip of this soon to be iconic IPA.

  • Wheat Majesty Beer Icon
    Wheat Majesty Weizenbock
    ABV 7.7 IBU 22

    Wheat Majesty is a regal Weizenbock that reigns with a majestic blend of rich malt sweetness and the crowned glory of traditional wheat beer flavors. With a noble balance of banana and clove aromas, this darker-hued version of this classic brew captures the essence of German brewing tradition, offering a smooth, full-bodied experience fit for beer enthusiasts and royalty alike. Long live the Wheat Majesty!