The Potentially Great Bathroom Remodeling Project of 2013… Maybe.


Here at Tractor we are firmly and definitely committed to beginning a discussion about the possibility of –sometime in the next year (or two) –potentially remodeling our bathrooms.

Maybe. I mean, there’s no real rush.

Some of us (read: me) have argued that the look we have now – urban meets rural, pragmatic meets whimsical, industrial meets rustic – matches the character of both the Tractor Brewing Company staff and our ethos. Meanwhile, others have accused those people (again, me) of just making things up because they don’t want to be the one that has to do it. Or they’re afraid of change. Well, that kind of slander aside: if it has to be done, let’s kick it into over-drive, break out the sledge hammers, and get down to business!

However, just because sometime in the far-distant past I accidently learned the difference between a Phillips screw-driver and a socket-wrench doesn’t mean I should be trusted with this kind of project. Like, ever. (No Taylor Swift pun intended.)

Now, I’ll gladly continue changing light-bulbs around the tap-room or tightening screws – I’m not trying to rock the boat here. But I might just be the clumsiest and most accident prone guy in the bar (I have already dropped an entire brand new toilet on the floor and shattered it beyond recognition. In my defense, so has Aaron). So maybe we should table this discussion until 2014? I mean what would be the harm, really? We would continue to have two awesome and fully functioning bathrooms and I would get to keep all the skin on my knuckles that I’m sure to lose clumsily trying to pry and tighten and whatever else this (potential and theoretical) project requires.

I really don’t see a down-side to the status quo here.

But I’m only one voice of reason in re-model crazy world.

Which means that if you know anyone that can teach me a crash-course in how to wire and plumb, tile and grout, and paint and prime in the next couple of weeks,send them my way. I could use all the help I can get.