Intern Wanted


So I sat down here today to write a blog about how we need an intern.  I have deleted and started over more times than I care to count.  How do you make it sound exciting without being deceptive (and attracting absolutely the wrong kind of people)?  Of course there is the fact that it is beer.  But this internship is not exactly a making or drinking beer internship.  It is a “help us get organized while we help you learn a thing or two about small business, bars and breweries” internship.  It is running errands, data entry, spreadsheet creation, organization and helping plan events (and what I mean by that is more errands, data entry, spreadsheet creation and data entry).  Glamorous: perhaps in name only.  You do get the bragging rights of having had an internship at Tractor. There has to be glamor in there somewhere.

And so here it goes:

Tractor is looking for a qualified intern to join our team for the Spring 2013.

This intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of the brewing business, management and marketing.


  • Assist with data entry
  • Run occasional errands
  • Assist in planning events
  • Assist with online purchasing
  • Help develop organizational systems to foster growth

Perks include beer.  Please send resume to  Serious candidates only.