Pets & Pubs an Everlasting Friendship


Rex is a behaviorist at Animal Humane New Mexico and teaches many of their training classes. Visit for more info.

I adopted Squid from Animal Humane New Mexico in July 2012, knowing essentially nothing about him. I knew he was black with a white spot on his chest, that he had a head like a bowling ball and that he liked to cuddle. The moment I met him he wrapped his torso around my calves, and I knew we were friends for good.

Squid is a social butterfly. His favorite thing to do is to rub up against a stranger and rest his head on their arm, leg, lap, or neck. I’m more the reclusive type. I’m kind of like his awkward friend that he drags to parties. I just hang out in the kitchen, leaning on counters, watching while he makes conversation with total strangers. They are somehow always completely engrossed.

Squid knows I train dogs on Thursdays and Saturdays — he’s been there with me. And he’s really great about not getting jealous when I come home from work smelling like a hundred different dogs. He’s just eager to hang out. While I read, he rests his head on my lap. While I watch baseball, he rests his head on my lap.

He offers something that a lot of dogs offer their people — not just friendship, but a reason. I bring Squid to dog-friendly spots for a multitude of reasons — it’s good for him. He likes it. He likes to meet new people. It gets me out of the house and talking to people I wouldn’t normally talk to.

Also, I’m almost certain that one of his favorite things to do is watch me drink beer. And I’m all about that.

Cheers to happy, healthy and friendly pets