Darkest Event To Hit Beer Week


Written by: Lauren Poole
One day when I was working at the Tap Room I saw my GM, Skye, and Chris Jackson of NMDarkside Brew Crew having a business-like chat over a pint. When I approached them to do my waitress-ly duties I was immediately pulled into a wonderful planning session: Darkside Brew Crew wanted to host an event that featured ONLY dark beer, as part of ABQ Beer week, but they also wanted to provide entertainment and, “do you want to line up some acts? Maybe we could make it an event to benefit Blackout…” (my theatre company)
If there is one thing I love the most as a performer and audience member, it’s a good variety show/cabaret. The best have a diverse offering of acts; musicians, dancers, poets, comedians, and of course a good physical circus-style act. Albuquerque may not be the most cosmopolitan city but we have some amazing performers, and these cabaret-style variety shows bring out this crazy energy when you put our best comedians, music acts, and unique solo artists in one place with libations flowing and a full audience- it’s the surest recipe for a good time. For years Tricklock Company has been doing it best with their Reptilian Lounges, and our city’s numerous Burlesque Troupes and Comedy Groups aren’t far behind.
I love cabarets and yes, I would book the acts.
I am excited for the show we’ve put together. The Darkside Brew Crew will run short rounds of beer trivia in between the cabaret acts. In the way of performers we have:
Sam Tynker of the Clan Tynker
Sadaquah, a local middle-eastern style band that will be putting their own spin  on a well know “Dark” album
Morgan Harris of Sugarbabies Burlesque and AirDance
Maria Chavez & Monica Mondragon, awesome belly dancers
House of Wine, an Amy Winehouse inspired band with a comedic tilt
Barney Lopez of The Red Light Cameras and Blackout Theatre.

The Dark Ages: Beer, Cabaret and Trivia Friday May 3rd, 8:30pm @ Art Bar (2nd & Gold) Tickets $10

If  you’ve never taken part in any Beer Week events and you’re a beer lover, get out there check out at least one. You are sure to learn, meet some people, and have a great time. If you have never been to one of the many cabaret-style performances the Duke City  has to offer, check out this one. We’re not a huge city but Albuquerque is absolutely TEEMING with talent.
If you love beer and you’ve never heard of the Darkside Brew Crew CHECK THEM OUT. Their website is simply there to provide the Albuquerque beer lover with unbiased information on all our local breweries and what they’re up to. They do it all out of pure love and reverence for good beer and they’re a swell group of dudes. nmdarksidebrewcrew.com.
Cheers, I wish you a safe and awesome ABQ Beer Week.