Alaska Bound


Written by: Allison Pierce

As many of you may know, I will be leaving Tractor for the summer to spread my wings and fly north. Lovely little Sydney and I will be heading to Seattle together for some good shows, tasty food and (hopefully) beautiful sunshine, and from there I will be headed to Alaska where I will be hanging out and working in a seasonal position for the next four months.

Among plenty of wildlife and no lack of sunshine, I am confident that I will also be in good hands beer-wise. There is Alaskan Brewing Company, Homer Brewing Company as well as Glacier brewery which are the only ones I am personally familiar with, but I am excited to try many others. It seems that a lot of people that love the outdoors also love their beer which is great for me since I like both and will be surrounded by like-minded people.

But no matter how excited I am to go north, it’s hard to imagine leaving Albuquerque for any amount of time and even more difficult to imagine leaving Tractor. The people who I work with have become my family and so have all of the wonderful regulars who have come in and shared a beer and some of themselves with me. I wish that I could share a beer with each and everyone of you before I leave, but there are so many of you lovelies that this might actually kill me. So I toast you all and wish you a happy and wonderful summer and I will hopefully see you in the fall. Oh, and please send happy thoughts that I won’t get eaten by a grizzly. Cheers Tractor, you have been nothing short of absolutely amazing!