Howling on to Texas


Moonlight Howlers

We come from a small town in Arizona, where there was little or nothing to do, so music became entertainment. The love of old 50’s rock-n-roll, and honky tonk came from our grandfather, who still tries to come to most shows.
To describe our music is difficult, we play a fusion of old style rockabilly, mixed with Jazz, Blues, and Swing. We have some punk and old time honky tonk influences, but we just love music in general! My name is Raffael, l play a German Doghouse Bass. My kid sis, SIREN, is on the skins and has an amazing voice. Although we all sing! Andrew Goard is the bands newest member, he plays a sweet GRETSCH guitar.
Touring is alot of work but its what we have worked so hard for, and even though living out of suitcases is what we complain about, we are grateful to the people who like our music enough to book us.   We have toured for the past 2 years in the states and Europe, but this is our first time heading to Texas. We are looking forward to meeting new people and seeing some amazing places. Music is deep in the roots of Texas so its gonna be a great tour for us.  We have some sight seeing planned on this tour, as long as the tour van holds up, hahaha. We are excited for our Albuquerque stop and hope you come out to have some fun with us.