Summer Series an Educational Adventure


You heard right Tractor Tap Room is hosting a whole summer of adult workshops from now until late August.

I come from a nonprofit organization (Blackout) that never stops learning. When the Tractor boss proposed doing a summer camp series for adults I was pretty excited. While learning is great learning with beer is awesome! Having cost effective ways to get together with friends, coworkers even mates and being able to do something structured any enjoyable over the weekend sounds great. I am really into killing two birds with one stone – I think in this case its three birds; 1 learn something new, 2 hang out with friends, 3 (most importantly) get my beer quota in for the day.

The summer series has pushed me to do some things I need more experience in like teaching. Many of Blackout pals/coworkers are constantly teaching a wide variety of subjects and age ranges. I am always getting not so gentle nudges to do the same. I am thankful that I have an opportunity to teach something I am passionate about in a setting that is more relaxed and casual; plus I find all tasks a bit easier with a beer. So come join me in my first class we will be learning how to care for and propagate succulents (not a lady demon: succubus) and how to tie and knot your own hanging planters.

Here is the list of all the classes the Tap Room is offering over the summer: Succulent Care and Hanging Planters, Sit Upon Sewing and Construction, Home Brew Beer Spoilers, Single to Mingle Self Serve Speed Dating, Playing with Polymers, Hangover Yoga, Decoupage Growlers and Pallet Art. All class tuition is set by the material fees involved. I hope to see you pick one or two or all the classes and learn something new this summer. Save your spot in class at HoldMyTicket

-Nicole Duke

Tap Room Assistant