Let’s See What We Can Sew


Sewing has been a tradition in my family as far back as I can remember.  Both of my grandmothers, my dad and now myself.  I can remember being a little girl and playing in sewing rooms on the floor with thimbles while dress and aprons and quilts were made all around me.  There was a time in my teens where I tired of wearing homemade jumpers that had polka-dots on them and wished that my grams would send me some Guess Jeans instead, but sometime in my first year of college I took an interest in picking up my family hobby and started sewing myself.  One of the first things I ever made was a Spring Formal dress, with lots of family help of course!

Every seamstress has her little quirks that you can remember them by.  Strange little rituals that you do while you are sewing that have no noticeable effect on the final product but are important to you just the same:  Dona (my mom’s mom) loves to mark everything with a bar of hotel bathroom soap; Imogene (my dad’s mom) used to cut off her extra thread and roll it in her mouth into a little ball; Mitch (my dad) is compulsive about trimming and ironing each seam immediately. As for me, I stick pins in my mouth.  Lots of them, sharp end out naturally, until I look like a creature from Hellraiser.

And so now I bring the family tradition to you, my Tractor Family, with some help from my lovely and talented father.  This coming Sunday we will be making Sit Upons.  What’s that?  It is a cushion for your rear end.  Glamorous? No.  But everybody starts somewhere.  Plus you get to take your craft home, identify your sewing quirk and enjoy not only a nice cold beer but also some community.

From Our Family to Yours,