Did You Know? School Blues Edition


Have you seen any of our tap room staff off work at the Tap Room? Ever wonder what they are doing? Its probably studying. Many of our tap room staff are exploring and working hard at their higher education goals as well as serving you your favorite pint. Here’s what they’re studying in no particular order.

Staff: Raleigh

Schooling: Speech & Hearing Sciences at UNM

Details: Raleigh wants to become a Speech Pathologist. She is currently shadowing one in the field (at a public school system and soon one in hospitals for recovery) and finishing her undergrad. She plans to apply all over the country for her masters.

Staff: Mari

Schooling: Looking into graduate school

Details: Mari graduated in 2009 then went out of the country for 2 years. She is obviously back and looking into her next path into education.

Staff: Michaella

Schooling: Major, Speech Pathology, minor in Spanish.

Details: Currently at CNM knocking out her general education courses, transferring to UNM next semester. She is on the Dean’s List!

Staff: Hilary

Schooling: First year welding program

Details: Hilary has scored straight A’s so far. She feels she gets to evolve as a person while playing with a blowtorch. 🙂

Now when you see any of these fine ladies sprawled over a book at the Tap Room give them a thumbs up! Cheers to all of you and your future professions. Ladies please remember beer always supports you and your higher education.