Adventures In Beer Tasting


I just had a hellof’a good time Friday passing out beer so I figured I would write a bit about it. October 4th I geared up and rolled over to Total Wine & More for a long awaited beer tasting. Which my initial thought was, ‘sweet, I’m going to be drinking a whole lot of beer!’ turns out, that was NOT what I signed up for. Good news is, I still had a lovely time.

Tractor’s recently released and bottled Farmers Almanac- IPA and Farmer’s Tan- Red were our prize Tractors, so to speak. When I got there and started passing out samples with Mike, one of the worlds most knowledgeable beer drinkers I started feeling right at home. I was delighted to see people couldn’t get enough of either of them! … Maybe because we were giving away free beer, maybe because our bottled Farmers Tan Red and Farmers Almanac IPA are absolutely delicious! Maybe both?…

Point being, we made a bit of a splash at our little beer station sandwiched in between isles and isles of delicious craft beers. It turns out when you take some time to tell people what they are drinking they get really into it. Odd? Not really, if you have been to our tap room off Central you know we can talk about our beer all day, it literally makes us beer farmers all warm and happy inside. Alas, our goal at Total Wine & More that day was to shine some light on some damn good local Tractor beer. Because, we all know roaming into TW&M is like roaming into the lions den of beer, wine and boozohol. A place where I have found myself in the check out line, arms pack with beer, bewildered and a little afraid of where the time went… too many times.

Anywhoo, this last go round I happily got to give out samples of our beer and a bit of Tractor history. Including information about Tractors original brewery in Las Lunas, our tap room on Central and our plans for the new location north downtown. Of course, I did a lot of talking about our beer. Call me selfish but mostly the stuff I love about our beer. The not so subtle differences between an American red and our Farmers Tan- Red which is Tractors take on a traditional Scottish Irish red, the malt that gives our red a smooth sweet flavor and our IPA packed with seven different types of hops that waft out of the Farmers Almanac- IPA in floral and fruity flavors. Yeah, yum.

The whole experience just tickled my little beer loving heart and I can’t wait until my next beer tasting experience. Especially because Mike, our new beer guy is just packed with beer info and I can probably talk about beer all day as long as I’m learning something new. That day, good old Friday, I had total satisfaction in knowing we sent some people home with New Mexico craft brewery love in the form of a six pack for the same price as a domestic six pack.

As my little pink Tractor shirt says, I <3 Farmers Tan Red (and IPA!). Now that you know about Tractors bottled beer and where you can find it, I would suggest scooting down to Jubilation or Total Wine & More for some six pack love of your own. When you’re all done with that, Ill see you in the tap room!!

From one beer drinker to another, cheers.

Marisa V