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Yesterday, Sunday, God’s Day, several of us staff at Tractor made it out to Albuquerque CROP Hunger Walk. The CROP Walk helps the hungry from around the world and locally. On Wednesday the Tap Room donated a portion of the beer sales to the CROP Walk and we wanted to see the whole process through.

We show up at this church hidden away (impossible to find without google maps) and get our walking team together.

We received 3 shirts (awesome) from the money we raised. Aaron’s best friend Hombre (pictured center) scored one. Orbit from the Isotopes was there to give us water and keep us hydrated. We got sun screened and we were on our way. We made the decision early on that we would do the 2 mile walk instead of the 4 mile. Some of us needed to get to work, some of us needed to get to a drink. It’s walking – there’s not much to say there – it’s all one foot in front of the other (try not to trip).

Funniest part of the day:

Standing in Rec room of the church before heading out on the walk

Lauren: Ha ha I didn’t know this was on my hat

Button reads: Say You Love Satan

Skye: (in her most quiet voice) You should probably take that off, let’s not offend anyone

Lauren: Nods – agrees.

Okay maybe it’s one of those you had to be there type moments.

Thinking about the CROP Walk I was actually really thankful and not for humbly doing a good deed. I was thankful to have been out doing something different with our staff and friends. Honest to goodness it was nice to just walk with my Tractor family and hear/see them in a different light outside the Tap Room. The experience has made me very thankful for people like Anthony (holding the sign in the photo) and all the patrons who are vocal about what they are passionate about. Always thinking of ways to involve us, allow us to be part of their lives and part of their communities. Thank you for exposing me to something fun and new.

Also we have a kick ass picture of us all smiling together. I know Aaron might not look like he’s smiling but I zoomed in really close and I did see a slight upward motion on the corners of his mouth.

Hearts and Stars,