Fall with Lauren


I love this time of year:

The leaves changing color, relief from the heat, and more scary movies on TV than I can watch. During the Halloween season I like to have a lot of people over, and I also like to feed them- without spending tons of money. It also helps that when I tell guests that food will be provided, they offer to bring beer- and at the end of the night we end up with good amount left over.
It’s become a tradition that I make Green Chile Stew when I have a party- it’s an easy way to feed a bunch of people. The recipe below has meat, but could easily be made without, or sub a different meat. Chicken, Turkey and Pork work great too.
Green Chile Stew
(My mom is always vexed that I make this with ground beef and not pork, since in my family beef always goes with red chile, except on a cheeseburger. BUT, I like the taste and ground beef is inexpensive and easy to find.)
1 pound Ground Beef
1 Onion
5 kind of large potatoes, more if smaller- chopped into cubes
1 can of corn or one ear of fresh corn, freshly cut off the cobb
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of black or pinto beans
1 zuccini or yellow squash
1 “sandwich bag” full of green chile form your freezer, or one pound, chopped.
1-2 quarts of chicken or beef broth
Saute 1 pound of ground beef and one chopped onion over medium heat untill browned
Add chopped potatoes and continue to sautee for a few minutes.
Add one of the quarts of broth and bring to a boil. If you have a really large cooking pot add the other quart of broth, bring to a boil and then reduce the heat to med-low and cover.
Slice up the zuccini or squash into quarter inch thick half moons, and throw ’em in!
Simmer until potatoes are soft enough to eat.
Add corn, beans, tomatoes and stir until heated through.
Serve your soup! I like to have some grated cheese nearby to top each bowl.
Don’t forget to enjoy with your favorite beer. Right now, I’m loving the Jack the Sipper Pumpkin ale mixed half and half with the Sodbuster.