Yes! Allison Is Back!


So Go Say Hi Already

As we are nearing the end of the holiday season, I feel confident it’s time to reflect on them. I’ve been quite the scrooge this season, I’ll be the first to admit. Traffic nightmares, annoying Christmas tunes and avoiding the mall and uptown like the plague started to weigh down on my holiday spirit with little hope of redemption this year. But being back in the desert for the holidays and seeing friends and family, many of whom have traveled back here from other places, made it better. Mostly. Having been in dark and gloomy locations largely for the last several months, I have a new appreciation for the sunshine and open skies.
The tap room has been a pleasure to come back to as well and see all of the smiling faces I missed while I was away. Tractor is a great place to celebrate some holiday cheer, or if you’re feeling like me, to get the hell away from it all. You should probably come on by if you have friends or family in town, or if you’re in town yourself, or if you’re feeling rather scrooge-like, OR to just come and say hi to me if you haven’t yet. Because in any situation, good or bad, cheery or not, beer will really make it better.