Maybe you have driven by 1800 4th  Street  in the last six months and noticed a red tractor in the parking lot. Perhaps you got word of the new Tractor Brewing Co. location and decided to check it out. More than likely, you might have arrived at the new location to help with some aspect of construction, renovation, or to party your ass off at the annual Christmas party. Maybe you haven’t heard about our new location, our plans for the new brewery and taproom at 1800 4th . It’s time to get informed because our new taproom, located at the future site of the expanded Tractor Brewery, will be open for business in less than a week.

Excited yet? We are. As much as you prepare yourself for an opening of this scale, it still manages to sneak up on you and blow you away with the scope of work to be done. General contractor Sheri Crider has spent the last six months coordinating electricians, plumbers, undertaking a massive amount of tile work and construction herself. Seeing it all come together has been a rewarding and at times an overwhelming experience and we are confident that you will be as smitten as we are with the results. The Tractor Brewing Co. family has taken on many projects in preparation for the opening, from building what Admin Nicole Duke calls “the most complicated tables ever” to assembling the walk-in coolers where kegs will be stored and installing the tap lines. The countless hours and generosity of our employees and friends and family has made it all possible. When you have that kind of extended family, anything is possible and the opening would not have come together without these contributions.

“The most complicated tables ever” will surely be a standout in the new taproom. The idea was born of brew master David Hargis’s desire to cut sheets of plywood down to inch wide strips, turn them on end and glue them together to create beautiful tabletops and one hell of a bar top. The grains of wood that you see in the ends of plywood sheets have taken center stage and you will enjoy drinking your favorite pint on this sexy surface. In times of massive construction undertaking, new skills develop and heroes emerge. I like to think that my cooler assembly skills have reached a new peak, my woodworking skills have improved thanks to Mr. Hargis and I will never look at a table the same way again. General Manager of the new Tractor Brewing Co. taproom Aaron Cheshire spent countless hours sanding the tabletops and bar top to perfection. When the rest of us were ready to walk away, Aaron said over and over again “I have more sanding to do”. I am not sure how much of this has to do with the fact that Aaron was being paid hourly, but the results are fantastic.

With the grand opening almost upon us, this past weekend was an opportunity to rally the troops. Saturday brought the brewery crew, Nob Hill tap room crew, Art Bar crew and the new hires for the taproom together in an effort to get the last push of cleaning, assembly and construction completed. Skye Devore and David Hargis coordinated a fifteen hour day with little downtime aside from the occasional beer and pizza break. Chairs and barstools were assembled, patio tables were painted by local artists, windows were cleaned and an extensive collection of vintage model tractors was displayed. 1800 4th is located in the historic Wells Park neighborhood at 4th Street and Hannett, six blocks north of Mountain on 4th, just south of I-40.

While the taproom has slowly been coming together, Brewer Josh Campbell has been busy brewing lots of beer at the current Tractor Brewery location in Los Lunas. Keep an eye out for a special edition IPA and a new Cherry Blonde that will soon be on tap. Speaking of taps, the new location will boast twenty four taps. We hope you can join us for a pint at the brand new taproom! Cheers and thank you to all that pitched in to make this opening happen.