Artist David Santiago


How did you artist career begin?

Shortly after I watched the movie Titanic.

Give me 3 words that describe your art as folks witness it today?

And I quote, “Dzzaamn!”, “Scandalous!”, and “Freckles!”

How has your art evolved?

My art is constantly evolving through experimentation. There is a lot of trial and error. Mostly error. But experimenting is the only way to discover new ways of creating, and the process of uncertainty is so much fun!

Where do you think your art will take you?

I’d like to think that it would take me on impromptu adventures across the world!

Who is an inspiration for your work?

My dad, who has a striking resemblance to a Kimbo Slice/ Mr. T combo, is an amazing inspiration. He is a rock sculptor, who over the years has mastered his craft. He designs and builds amazing water features from his art studio in Rio Rancho. His “work” is his passion. He does what he loves every single day. What a lucky guy!

What is the goal when you set out to create?

To create something that draws people inward.

If you could give young artists a piece of advice, what would it be?

Everyone has his or her opinion, so just create what YOU love.

What is next for you in your career?

Cologne line?