Wells Park Staff Spotlight


This week on Blog Monday, we are going to feature some of our new staff. The following three lovely ladies have sent me photos of themselves, so they’re up this week! So, without further ado, please welcome Shelby Davis, Brittney Gallegos, and Rachel Simmons to Tractor!

Shelby Davis:

Shelby is a New Mexico native who is slightly obsessed with her dog, Vienna Sausage (that name makes sense because it’s a Dachshund, just so you’re all aware). Shelby loves concerts, travelling, and drinking beer/wine/spirits (yeah, she’s our kind of gal)! Shelby is a certified level 1 Sommelier.

I guess she really DOES like wine!

Brittney Gallegos:

Brittney is very outgoing and always full of jokes. The Tractor staff seems to be full of dog lovers and Brittney is no exception. Her pooch is called Scruff McGruff. Brittney’s favorite things are travelling, meeting new people, and of course, chocolate. Brittney is a UNM graduate and she’s also scuba certified.

I’m going to have to con her in to taking me out for a dive sometime…

Rachel Simmons:

Rachel loves to stay home with a book when she’s not pouring pints for Tractor customers. Rachel likes to stay healthy in body and spirit! She follows the age-old rule of treating others how you wish them to treat you. Rachel’s favorite things to do are read, hike, and travel (this seems to be a theme)! Rachel has a BA in Psychology and kicks butt as a bartender.

I wonder if her pints come with free advice?

Well, that’s it for today! Stop in and meet our Wells Park Tap Room staff! We are open every day at 1800 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.