Wells Park Staff Spotlight Redux


This week on Blog Monday, we are going to feature some more of our new staff. Read on to meet Andrew Goumas, Jaimie Olive, and Mike Boyd!

Andrew Goumas:

Andrew is a wanderer at heart. He has lived in many different places and loves to travel internationally. True to the wanderer spirit, Andrew likes to spend as much time outdoors as he possibly can. Andrew loves to take his pooch out hiking and won the Sportsmanship Award in 1994 in Williamsport, PA.

A man who loves dogs and the great outdoors? Sounds like a Tractor guy to us!

Jaimie Olive:

Jaimie is just a little bundle of happy energy folks! She loves to smile, cook, Asian culture, and Tetris (a self-professed badass, even). Jaimie is currently attending school for culinary arts. In her free time, Jaimie likes to go rock climbing, camping, and beer drinking. She’s also met Bill Murray!

I wonder if we can convince her to cook us some goodies?

Mike Boyd:

Mike is an incredibly handsome Seattle, WA native. I suppose being a transplant means you don’t have to like the Broncos, so Mike admits to being a massive Seahawks fan. Mike loves to play Xbox while having a cold beer (Tractor beer, of course!). Mike is an United States Air Force veteran and UNM graduate with a double major in psychology and sociology.

With a double major like that I bet be can handle any problem that ails you and if he can’t he can pour you a beer!

Well, that’s it for today! Stop in and meet our Wells Park Tap Room staff! We are open every day at 1800 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.