pLoud Music


Local beer, local music. It sounds pretty simple. I adore music, and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to meet so many incredible artists in this city. Theres a great opportunity for bands and solo artists alike to share their music at Tractor Brewing Wells Park. pLoud music has been going on for a little over a month. For two Thursday nights a month, there’s three hours of music and beer. I think it’s pretty awesome. Across all genres, I hope to find local artists that are continuing to find fresh perspectives on the ever-changing music scene. The focus will be to celebrate the local. I’ve had a great amount of help from the awesome guys at Humbird, as well as Austin and Jessie from Jak Media. I am grateful for all the help they’ve given. They also have different projects going on the city of their own and I highly recommend that you all check them out. Very righteous dudes. My good friend Alan creates the fantastic flyers for each event, it’s been fun seeing what he creates for each show.

I want to promote music that people make in garages, their tiny, thin-walled apartments, or even while sitting in front of a computer, midi controllers with headphones on. I always admired DIY artists. When I used to live in Gallup, it was difficult to find places for bands to play. House parties were popular for different genres because places like Wowies or The Jugg were always known for promoting certain types of music. Its easy to dismiss a small town for not having a music scene because of the size. The fact was that there was an incredible amount of people I met that were all experimenting, crafting, and creating but without an outlet to share was pretty awful. I’m happy to be doing my part, hopefully to bring their art to the public.

Bringing in social media with pLoud music is a work in progress. I hope to post footage from the bands to be shared around the internet. I think that would be really cool. To celebrate the local, that’s what I hope to do. I am very excited and proud of this project. I’m happy to be surrounded by incredibly supportive people. I hope you get a chance to check out pLoud music at Wells Park this Thursday at eight featuring Cattalo. It will be our third show so far. Most weekends I’m working at the bar in Tractor Nob Hill making sure glasses are full and clean. Come say hello, come tell me what album you’re currently enjoying. If you want more info about getting a chance to play for the next pLoud event, email me at Anwho, keep creating, and keep sharing!

-Fritz Bitsoie