Cards Against Humanity at Tractor


What is there to say about Cards at Tractor?

For anyone who’s never played: Cards Against Humanity is hilarity built on bad intentions fueled by the most unapologetically funny parts of the people you’re playing with. Whether you’re just throwing out the most crass and disturbing answer you can think of for pure reaction, or throwing in the card you didn’t know what else to do with you’re bound to not only have fun, but learn a thing or two about your friends’ personalities!

The game being the foundation, what better venue than Tractor? With great beer and the addition of the company of Skye, Colleen and other brewery staff and regulars the game takes flight and reaches fresh new levels of debauchery and the hilarity ensues!

This being my first attempt (ever) at writing a blog post, I don’t mean to sound like I’m trying to sell you on something obscure…but…don’t take my word for it, just give it a go! After all, you’re going to be there drinking anyway!

Well Park Tractor hosts Cards Against Humanity every Wednesday starting around 7pm. They have decks for sale and decks to loan.

-Ryan Harwood
Tractor Lover!