Geeks Who Drink


Think you’re smart, clever, witty, and have a whole lot of useless, and or useful knowledge up in that brain of yours? Looking for something to numb the pain of another Monday, in which you had to get up and go to work? Looking for a reason to remember Monday, when you wake up, Tuesday?

We have the answer for you – you will be giving the answers, and if you win – well we will reward you. We, as in Tractor staff won’t be doing the rewarding actually. The staff and wonderfully funny, engaging, and amazing folks of Geeks Who Drink, will be offering up the questions, and handing out the prizes!

EVERY Monday night at 8pm – GWD will take up our space, and play with your head space! GWD is a pub quiz company that hosts their show in over 300 venues in 25 states. They have numerous writers, fact-checkers, and quiz masters! Wanna try your hand when they come on down to Tractor Wells Park??? It’s FREE just come on down and sign up!