Reviva is more than just a band, it is a way of life. Literally, the word “Reviva” in Spanish translates to “relive”, or “revive”. Reviva, a band that tells stories about real life, love, and even death itself, through incredible live performances from some of Albuquerque’s top professional musicians. Now, with seven members, Ragon (drums), Buddha (bass), Danny (keys and harp), Cody (mystic percussion), Jerel (guitar and vox), and Diles (vox and sound). Reviva is currently reviving themselves and their music; as of 2014, they’ve brought back their singer Chris Brennan after a 30 month hiatus in Nicaragua, where he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. With Chris back, they are currently recording their second album, ZION EYEZ, with their producer Colin ‘Diles’ Hazelbaker at Central Root Studios in Albuquerque.

Reviva is heading  to Nicaragua for a cultural exchange/musical workshop in Nicaragua where they will be working with the youth and also playing a few shows throughout the country. They leave on May 10th, and have decided to throw a send-off party here at Tractor! Opening the day will be Flamenco performances, live and on their own portable stage: Fabian Sisneros Flamenco – watch their feet and try and keep up; when you have had some dancing for your eyes, some music for your ears, before you hear Reviva, will be necessary. We got you covered. Warming up the mics before Reviva will be, Leah Leyva and the Lemons; Leah is a silky-voiced, big lunged songstress that wows crowds with her covers and original tunes, backed by a live band.

Sounds amazing, we know – now come and see that whole lot of amazing, at Tractor Brewery Wells Park: 1800 4th Street. The party starts at 4pm on Sunday, May 4, 2014. We will have food by Nomad’s BBQ, and plenty of beer all night long! Find this event on Facebook.