Ca Ca Ca CANS!!!


Yes we CAN! As many of our readers know we are in the process of moving from bottles to CANS! If you don’t know let me fill you in. Last July Tractor did a relaunch of two classic beers in glass bottles. Fast forward to 2014 and we soon begin searching for a simpler and more efficient way to get our beer to the masses. I am ecstatic to be moving to canning for several reasons: the ease of recycling the empty CANS, the lighter weight for the CAN vs. Bottle in terms of shipping, and most of all I’m pleased to be saying goodbye to long bottling hours and melt downs for my bros in the brewery.

We decided to work with the cool dudes over at Mother Road Mobile Canning to get our beers in CANS. Tractor worked exclusively with local artist David Santiago to help create the artwork for our 3 different canned brews. We then must translate his stunning pieces of work into a flat image with all the necessary language to go on the CAN. Then wait a painstaking amount of time to receive paper and finally physical CAN proofs to approve. I’m thrilled to tell you we received our first huge shipment of empty CANS last week and are now being filled with beer as I type!!!!!

Wells Park will be throwing a huge can release Party May 20th! David Santiago will be there to sign your can along with the beautiful models used for each of the three cans. Say hello to the three Tractor brews that will be hitting the store shelves soon, Milk Mustachio Stout, Farmer’s Tan Red Ale, and Farmer’s Almanac IPA. Find out more about the release party on Facebook!

-Nicole Duke
Brew Princess