D-I-Y Meets D-Y-E


It’s not to be said. It’s not to be thought. It must be purged and bowdlerized like split ends and showing roots. If you ever mention over-the-counter boxed hair color in any salon, prestigious or not, you will have just committed a vulgarism worse than throwing bubblegum in your neighbor’s locks.

Guess what Salonfree did? They not only mentioned, but questioned this one commandment of the hair world. “We always heard about how terrible boxed hair color was,” said Ashley Reach and Tommy Wozniak, the Salonfree duo who have collectively been in the salon industry, both in trade and education, for 25 years. “One day, we were like, ‘Why?’”

The short story is that they went and bought a few boxes, tried them out, and realized the stuff was actually good color, but the education was poor or nonexistent. They saw an opportunity to become the education. They moved to Albuquerque and rented a studio to cut hair for tips to pay for production of their tutorials. A nice happy ending to the story is they began to cut my hair.

Now, I’m a man. Unless the early 2000s repeat themselves, it’s not likely that I’ll color my hair permanently or even semi-permanently. But I admire these two for their dead set determination to take the risk and not only be a champion of DIY, but for actually doing it themselves. Something that is too rare and perhaps intimidating, DIY on the scale that Salonfree is tackling is altogether commendable. They’re not doing what they were told to believe in; they’re doing what they believe in, that is, taking beauty out of the salons and giving it to everyone.

On July 19th, Salonfree is releasing their ebook, featuring an eclectic mix of women with makeovers by Salonfree with DIY products. You’ll all be invited, of course, but first, come to Wells Park on June 5th to help raise funds for the ebook. Ashley and Tommy will be cutting your hair while you drink your beer. Haircuts start at $7.19 as a tribute to the ebook’s release date. Eryn Bent will be lovelily playing her guitar. Humbird will be schmoozing. Tractor will be pouring.

If you aren’t wowed and impressed by Salonfree’s gumption, talent, and style, then go ahead, frost my tips.

– Josh Stuyvesant of Humbird NM

Find out more about Salonfree’s fundraiser event HERE.