“Brewery Based: Breaking News”



Hey there beer fans – another week around the brewery here. We have so much to report. We are constantly brewing tasty batches for you to taste and love. Beer is our number one priority of course. However, for those of you who frequent our tap rooms, and brewery, you know that at Tractor, we are about so much more than just hops and barley.


Recently we had an employee leave us for good reason – Brazil! That’s right you soccer heads, our very own Cole Howard is in Brazil right now; not only is Cole soaking up the Cup, but he is checking out the social political climate of Brazil all the while. Cole aspires to be a photo journalist; he is in Brazil right now with his lense in hand, and we hope to give you all a window into that land, far far away, thanks to one of our very own, very soon. Keep an eye on our blog as we get word from Cole – as soon as we have a Brazilian “break down” we will bring it to you, like breaking news.


We have another of one our Wells Park main stays, going to stay somewhere very far from home as well. Andrew, a friendly and familiar face off of 4th Street, is leaving us to pursue a medical degree. That’s right – once again, amazing person with big dreams. Andrew’s goal will find him all the way in Israel. We hope to hear from Andrew when he safely touches down, and plan on giving you updates on his progress towards becoming a doctor.


We will soon have a NEW artist hanging on our Wells Park walls. Cloudface was generous enough to leave us with his work for quite some time now, and now, the time has come to bid his work goodbye, and usher in the next amazing artist: Angie Poynter. In the next week or two, you will witness Angie’s work bring the walls to life; look for an article on her and her process – and possibly some dates in which you can meet her in person.


We continue to have musical offerings coming your way. Thursdays are always good to keep an eye on, with some sort of musical offering up for grabs, at 8pm. Other dates to keep in mind as we head toward the middle and end of June, and into July, are: June 22nd and June 29th for two very different and completely FREE musical shows – and July 5th for a blow out following the 4th of July, that features: Mondo Vibrations, L*Roneous, and the 2bers.


Before we go – how about we give you run-down on what we have on tap, at both tap rooms?

At Wells Park we have: Trekken Red Belgian Ale, Barley Wine, Double Plow Oatmeal Stout, Scotch Ale, Saison, Sodbuster Pale Ale, Haymaker Honey Wheat, Milk Mustachio Milk Stout, Farmer’s Tan Red Ale, Pilsner, Maibock, L4IP Lager, Apple Cider, and Farmer’s Almanac IPA.


At Nob HIll we have: Farmer’s Tan Red Ale, Haymaker Honey Wheat, Sodbuster Pale Ale, Double Plow Oatmeal Stout, Farmer’s Almanac IPA, Scotch Ale, Saison, Pilsner, Milk Mustachio Milk Stout, Apple cider, Maibock, and C&C IPA.


That’s all for now you beer loving lovelies. We cannot wait to have you come and sit at our bar, and drink our beer; shake our hands, meet the staff, ask questions, and most of all, enjoy yourself – that’s what we are here for!