And….Action: TRACTOR*TV Has Arrived!


Action! Record, edit, cut, paste, render, repeat…

Yes friends, these are all words that are going to become part of Tractor Brewing Company employees’ vocabulary, very quickly. Why you might ask, Because of TractorTV, of course. What is TractorTV, you might ask.

Well fellow Beer Farmers, TractorTV, is the brain child of the witty and amazing beer drinking, making, loving folks down here on the Beer Farm.  Yup, that’s right, one day while in deep contemplation about how to make this beer bearing brewery even better, a light bulb went on, and the thought arose, “TV!”

GoPro cameras were ordered, staff was rallied, and to the Rail Yards we went. The first installment of TRACTOR*TV (and also the only installment, but fret not, episode two is coming super soon) was shot at the Raily Yards Beer Premier. If you visit our channel on YouTube, you can view that amazing piece of cinematography – after you finish reading this blog post of course.

Now, here we are friends. We are at a point of inquiry. We want to know: what, who, when, and how do you want to see life through the  TractorTV’s lens? Who in our community should we choose, to participate in our series “A Beer With?”  What events do you want snippets and windows into, in the beer world? What are some interesting things you’d like to know about our staff, or who is someone on our staff you are just dying to know more about? Our TV, is your TV; for the Beer Farmers, by the Beer Farmers.

So the next time you see folks in Tractor Brewing Company gear, with GoPro cameras hanging off their chests, in their hands, or on their heads, and they are headed your way, don’t turn and run, in fact, stop and have a conversation, you just might end up in our next installment of Tractor*TV!