Artwork – as ArtWEAR! Tractor Accessories From Local Artists!


David Santiago, Nikki Zabicki, and Tractor Brewing Company
Team up – A Sign That Artists and Tractor Brewing Company
Truly are Building a Better Burque

Recently while strolling through the brewery, tap room, and merchandise room at Tractor Brewing Wells Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, owners: Skye Morris-Devore and David Hargis put their heads together. Two huge supporters of local art and artists, whether it be: theatre, poetry, visual artists, or fringe arts of whatever genre you can imagine, Skye and David support and or attend multiple events and have lent a hand to a plethora of companies within this community in years past and present.

The most recent partnership forged then, isn’t surprising at all, but instead refreshing and awesome. Tractor Brewing Company has teamed up with former Albuquerque, now Raton, NM resident, Nikki Zabicki, to create belt buckles from their new and beautifully designed cans, that were brought to life by another artist, David Santiago.

Just about three months ago, Tractor Brewing Company decided it would make its tasty brew available in cans. When thinking about what the cans should look like, staying true to their local business driving, art-oriented nature, Tractor reached out to David Santiago for can designs. The beautiful Famer’s Tan Red Ale, Almanac IPA, and Milk Mustachio Milk Stout, designs were born. David commented on how creating the cans brought two of his biggest loves together: art and beer. We couldn’t be more pleased with this beautiful artwork; in fact, we can’t just leave it on the cans!

After the canning was successful and the designs took the Albuquerque, brewery scene by storm; fresh off a can signing and live art event featuring David Santiago, Tractor figured there was more to these designs than just sitting on the inside of a refrigerator.

Skye Morris-Devore, an art nut, craft junky, and business minded art lover decided the next step would be accessories. With an already popular line of t-shirt designs regularly popping up above the taps in Nob Hill, and on the racks in Wells Parks’ merch room, it was easy to see that what Tractor enthusiasts needed next, was an everyday emblem – a wear around proud accessory – belt buckles!

So where can you get em, you might ask. You can get your custom collaborative, community supporting piece of Tractor memorabilia at either of our tap rooms. Simply come in and check them out, see what is in stock and let us know if you want something other than what you see – we might have another batch on the way. If you’d like to sip your growler from your couch and make sure you still get a belt, order them online at