You ~ CAN ~ get it EVERYWHERE!!!


Well, fellow Beer Farmers, I have to say that today was quit the day. This is Carlos, the Good Times Liaison at Tractor Brewing. Please allow me to say that today was a wonderful one as a Tractor Brewing Company employee. I spent my day tracking the places around, and out of town, that you can grab our tasty brew, in the can! That’s right, if you hadn’t heard before now, and this is a hear it here first kind of situation, hear me clearly: TRACTOR IS AVAILABLE IN CANS, EVERYWHERE! That’s right, we’re talking: Whole Foods, Sprouts, Chevron, Shell, Triangle Grocery, Route 66, Mom’s Gas and Food, Kelly’s Liquors and so many more places ~ too many to list for you, right here… but if you’d like to peruse the extensive, in and out of town, package places, well then, just click HERE 🙂

I tell you what, from Abiquiu to Albuquerque, Santa Fe to Cedar Crest, Moriarty to Los Lunas, and everywhere in between, you can catch our cans, getting cold and ready for your consumption. As part of my ever entertaining, challenging, changing and so much fun, duties of the week and day, today, I was out shaking hands, asking questions and assuring that we provide you all with the best chance at picking up our beer, the next time you stop at a place pre-party to take a “sixer” along for you and the pals!

Do you know of a place we should be? Do you go somewhere near where you rest your head, that you hope will soon carry the best beer-farmed brew in Burque? Please, drop us a note at sales AT get and we will gladly reply with a thank you, and follow up to see what the package possibilities are. Thank you so much for your continued business and support. Please do look for us on the shelves the next time you make your party plans ~ it’s always a good time to: “get plowed.”