Bikes – Brews – Ballots – Better, Burque!


It was quite the week. We hope you are starting a new week with bright eyes and a bushy tail. Here at Tractor Brewing, we have quite a few things we are building, and a couple of awesome experiences we had this past week, to share with you, as you move into your Monday. Ready?

Here it goes:

Have you heard we are making Burque better – not just with beer, but with the power and community behind it. We are sure you are aware of how amazing the craft beer scene in Albuquerque is. It is growing by the minute. We love to see breweries and beer enthusiasts having so many options, and so much fun, as they imbibe. We here at Tractor, strive to continually give you reasons that are both beer, but also, community related, in regards to deciding to pull up a chair at our bar top and ordering a pint.  David and Skye, the Co-Owners of Tractor Brewing Company, recently took their love for the arts scene in Albuquerque one step further. That’s right, drinking at Tractor got even more important and enjoyable. So, if you haven’t heard, hear it here first: Beer for a Better Burque is now accepting applications – for information on what kind of organizations B.B.B. will support and how it is designed, click on this link: Beer for a Better Burque

Moving on… Have you registered to vote, friends? It’s okay if you haven’t yet signed up to exercise your rights; we can totally help you with that! August 1st, we are kicking off a series of events titled: “Pints and Politics.” That’s right, we are getting all political on you beer drinking lovelies. Just kidding! We are however, bringing the discussions and information that surrounds being informed, on both sides of the issues, and along both party lines, to the forefront and to our Wells Park tap room, for the next few months. Check out our listing of all dates and times, as well as titles of events, keep an eye on this event link, and see how event info will be updated as we approach each date. There will be: mixers, town hall discussions, one-on-one Q&A sessions, and more! Sound like fun??? Tell us you are coming by joining the Event(s), here: EVENT LINK

Again, moving along. Despite the rain lately, the Summer weather has been beautiful, hasn’t it? We have noticed an influx of active folks hitting our tap room, post bike ride or run. We welcome you into our cool shaded and covered patio, or our amazing and roomy tap room. We love the puppies, and the bicycles, the kiddos with parents, and the community events that happen in our space. We also love to partner with other community businesses to cross promote, and build business effectively in the neighborhoods we reside in, in regards to Wells Park and Nob Hill. One of our most recent and fun partners is Routes Bicycle Rentals and Tours. They brought down a wedding party for their bachelor/bachelorette celebration, on bikes, this Saturday! We found that to be awesome. If you’d like to tour the tap rooms on two wheels, and want to find out about Routes’ next tour, click here: INFO HERE.

Well fellow Beer Farmers – that is about all we got on this “Blog Monday.” We hope your Monday goes by fast, so we can see you at the taps. Come on down and forget about the start of your week, when you are done with the work day.