24 Hours of Art, BEGINS with the Big Red Tractor!


Hey there beer farmers. We hope you had a great weekend, and are already gearing up for another one… We know… it’s only Monday right? But, the best weekends take like at least 5 days of planning! Let us take some of the duties of making sure you do something fun this weekend, off your plate. We have your Friday and Saturday covered! You ready? Have you been itching to see some theatre? Have you been wanting to see some live local music and drink some amazing craft beer? Yes? We thought so…

This weekend we have the most incredible lineup of events for you: 24 Hours of Art is descending upon Albuquerque, Friday and Saturday – Tractor has it’s hops in both events – and if you want more info, all you have to do is click these links: Opening Ceremonies at Wells Park : Saturday Events at the RailYards….

That’s right friends, there will be music – theatre – poetry – comedy – live art – food – music – and so much more – in what is really 28 hours long, with a film lock in over night event as well! What more could you want from your beautiful city, this weekend? We are pushing the envelope with this event, my friends, showing Albuquerque, that they need not look too hard to find art on this particular weekend, they just need to be part of it. Art is a part of Albuquerque lives in ways that seem to outweigh that of other folks in other cities. Think about it for a second; I bet most people reading this have at least one friend that is at least a part-time if not a self-sustaining artist. 24 Hours of Art has been created to show that art is central in our lives, and not always just the “side-show.” For a span of hours on two days, in multiple venues, the city will come alive and show their love for each other through different mediums… will you be there?

With every big event comes big opportunity to get involved and own a piece of the action; a chance to stand up after it is all said and done and say, I helped put that on ~ that happened in part, because of me. If you love art to the degree of wanting to help volunteer and make Saturday at the RailYards magical, then we think you should click our VOLUNTEER LINK – We are getting close to the day of, and we surely could use your help, and all the help we can get. If you volunteer you have a shift that will allow you to still enjoy the festivities, and you’ll have gotten fed, in FREE, and take away a commemorative t-shirt to boot!

We hope to see you all out at the shindig; spread the word, and let’s get artsy!