Hey Friends,

How many of you folks got to experience the amazing event that 24 Hours of Art was?  We hope a whole lot of you got down to Wells Park on Friday night, or to the RailYards on Saturday, to soak up some beer and some art! We had an amazing time organizing and hosting that incredible 24 plus hours of art. We love events, if you haven’t quite caught that drift yet. So, allow us to tell you just want you will see coming down the tunnel at you this week, via Tractor Brewing Company.

We have a little bit of everything this week, from dancing, at a good ol’ back to school bash, to variety show entertainment, and some intellectual food for thought goodness too! That’s right friends, whether it is cutting a rug, having a stimulating conversation, or laughing until stout comes out of your nostrils, that you have in mind for a good time, we have you covered!

Friday night we have a new offering coming to Wells Park: Club Cultura ~ is a collaborative event between Tractor Brewing Company and the Underground Renaissance. Having entertained the masses for nearly two years now, this organizing body of artists, musicians, and movers and shakers, take on Wells Park, Friday for more information, CLICK HERE. 

If you don’t find yourself out our way on Friday, that’s okay ~ we have a DJ lined up for Saturday’s continuing series of turntable masters ~ Joining us for Saturday August 23rd, is DJ Halcyon. We are keeping it funky fresh around Wells Park; giving you what you want is what we are in the business of. We heard the call for DJs, so we’ve built it so you will come. In the Mix, happens EVERY Saturday 9pm to midnight for more information, CLICK HERE 

Friday and Saturday already planned? No worries! We have two options for you to come on down and grab a brew on Sunday! I’LL Drink To That, the Tractor Brewing Company exclusive variety show, is back for August. On August 24th, some amazing acts will walk through the doors of our brewery, and from 4pm-7pm, you will witness: LIVE art, poetry, comedy, dancing, and music… we keep it large an in charge with this show, that is always FREE, fairly family friendly, and over soon enough to go do the laundry slightly buzzed. For more information, CLICK HERE. 

Finally, well, not, FINALLY, but you know ~
Sunday post, IDTT, and at the same venue: Tractor Brewing Wells Park ~ we have TEDXABQ TED before BED ~ a screening event, featuring engaging, poetry and art, in a space that is relaxed, and inviting. Want to see some amazing TED talks, and sip on your favorite tasty pint? Want a FREE Sunday evening, and some food for thought before you start another rat-race-based work week? Yeah? For more information, CLICK HERE.

That’s all for now, Beer Farmers ~ We will keep keepin’ it cold, you just get yourselves out of work and down to one of our events, this week.

Tractor Brewing Company