The Best Kind of Garden: A BEER Garden


How goes it, Beer Farmers? We hope you are recovering from a long weekend, more specifically a weekend spent in one of our tap rooms drinking our delicious beer. We love serving the suds for all you hop-heads. In fact, we love serving beer so much, that you ought to think about us for your next event, celebration, party… you get the idea.

Are you a local business that is putting together a gathering of some sort? Are you trying to decide what makes the most sense in making sure you are covered when it comes to the adult beverage end of things? Have you ever planned a party for your folks and wished you had something neat and local to offer up? You should think about hosting a Tractor beer garden at your next event?

What is a “beer garden,” you might ask ~ well first of all, don’t worry, it requires no shovel, tending, or heavy lifting on your end. On the tractor side of things, it simply requires the presence of one or two of our amazing staff members, a few kegs of your choosing, our nifty tractor tap setup, and the corner of your room; the rest is beer bathed history! That’s right ~ you call us, we sit down and talk about the process necessary to have our beer on-site, at your event (permitting should and needs to happen 14-21 days in advance) and bam ~ beer.

We just thought we would take a second to let you know your options as a party-planner. We know the dilemma created by the beer aisle; so, let us take that tough call off your plate. We don’t think one should ever have to pour beer at their own event, and otherwise, we love to help with a smile, and informed knowledge about local craft beer, and the entire scene. Let us be part of your next public celebration and do it up Tractor Beer Garden style ~ whatya say?