“Fierce” Monday ~ Come Join Us


Hey Y’all,

Hope you are recovering from a weekend spent taking care of yourself by way of the pint glass. We had an incredible Labor Day weekend, and are continuing it today. Today, we have the “Fierce Women Warriors Party,” at Tractor Brewing Wells Park. Tell ya what ~ they’re already here getting ready for a 5pm kick-off. But don’t let that scare you. If you are up for a 3pm beer, by all means, be our guest! From 5pm-8pm, Wells Park will turn into a ticketed event, and we have a lot of entertainment to offer you. In fact, here is a run-down on exactly what it is:

Comedy superstar Rick Overton headlines this Labor Day party in honor of the backbone of our community – working men and women.Enjoy local brews, groove to the smooth stylings of The Tracey Whitney Trio, kick things up with the pride of ABQ cabaret, Trixie con Queso – performing with the Cheesy Delights.Select ABQ food trucks will be on hand & many additional special guests are scheduled to appear!

$15 Admission includes beer, music, vendors, arts, crafts demos & dance – All presented by women, and lots more! Let’s PARTY!

Special Guest: HBO star comedian, Rick Overton
Tracey Whitney Combo
Featuring Gary King,
Trixie ConQueso & the Cheesy Delights

Now we know this might interrupt your normal Monday down at Wells Park. We first want to say thank you to all our regular customers, and then invite you to have your Monday interrupted. We also said yes to hosting this event, to see how our space works in this way, for any and ALL future inquiries. If you come on down today and like the way this thing is lined up, and pulled off, we invite you to inquire about throwing your own “exclusive/ticketed” event via Tractor Brewing Wells Park. With two locations, in two amazing Albuquerque neighborhoods, we are just happy, lucky, and glad to be serving our community with a gathering space, at an affordable rate, in an amazing and comfortable setting. Make your party the next one we knock out “the park.” Send us an email at sales@getplowed.com if you are interested, and let’s begin that situation.

Well, back to the setup for this one. If you are staying in, or still out of town, we will see you tomorrow. If you want to come down after 5pm, and don’t want to pay, we are open from 8pm on for regular business today, following the festivities. With free entry on the front and back end, and otherwise, the middle programming supporting powerful women in the workforce, and in leadership roles, we had to do it. We are very proud that the hosts of this event sought out our brewery because of it’s co-owner, and respected female businesswoman steering the Tractor: Skye Morris-Devore. With that said, yay to female movers and shakers; now, let’s party!

Beer Farmer