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Health Action NM Plows Up With Tractor Brewing

Hey! We’re Health Action NM and we’re partnering up with Tractor Brewing Company for their first ever Beer for a Better Burque Program. What does Health Action NM do and why should you care? We are a health advocacy organization that was established in 1995. We have a mission and a vision to ensure that all people living in the state of New Mexico have access to affordable, accessible, and accountable healthcare. Here’s where you, your family, friends, and community come in: healthcare is a human right, and we want you to have it!

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, went into effect last fall with open enrollment into the Health Insurance Marketplace starting October 1 and ending March 31st. Medicaid was also expanded, giving New Mexico families access to no cost health coverage based on their age, household size, and income. . During the last year, Health Action NM reached over 7,000 individuals and families all over New Mexico doing outreach and education on how to enroll folks into the best insurance plans that fit their needs. Now, we’re rearing to go for the next enrollment period which starts November 1, 2014!

During the course of our time spent in rural, urban, and native communities of New Mexico, we heard some of the most compelling stories about healthcare in our state. People shared with us everything from tragic stories of battling cancer without access to the care they deserved, to stories of success getting covered in health insurance for the very first time. These stories propelled our work as health advocates and inspired us even more to emphasis not only the importance of healthcare, but also the importance of keeping these stories alive.

Health Action NM is working on a program currently called Mini Docs that will do exactly that, collect and preserve the stories of the communities that non-profits serve through New Mexico serve. We’re excited to establish partnerships like The Beer for a Better Burque program so that we can accomplish our goals as story bankers.

For more information on Health Action NM’s work and to view  our healthcare stories, visit: www.healthactionnm.org