Art – You Glad It’s Monday?! – Meet Harwood Art Center – a BBB Partner


*Recently, we sat down with the Chief Programs Officer of Harwood Art Center, Julia Mandeville. We posed some questions to Ms. Mandeville, she considered them and asked her staff… the answers below then, are a way for you to familiarize yourself with the folks of Harwood Art Center – an amazing non-profit, doing incredible work in our community, and a “Beer for a Better Burque,” beneficiary. This BLOG Monday, meet Harwood Art Center. Enjoy!

  1.    How do you feel about being a partner for the launch of BBB’s first funding year?

Harwood Art Center is completely thrilled to be a partner in the launch of BBB. Our existing partnership with Tractor Brewing Company was very important to our staff before being selected; we are so excited for the opportunity to expand our collaboration through the Beer for a Better Burque initiative.

  1. What are the mission and vision of your organization, and how will the use of your funds from BBB allow for your mission and vision to be lent to and grown / maximized / nurtured?

Harwood Art Center engages the arts as a catalyst for personal empowerment, cultural enrichment and social change. We believe that equitable access to the arts and opportunities for creative expression are integral to a healthy community, and our programs – including art education, community outreach, exhibitions, events and professional development offerings – manifest this belief.

Harwood fosters economic and community development and (re)vitalizes our city, offering dynamic arts and cultural experiences; with offerings for every age and income level, and a broad network of statewide partnerships, our audience is expansive and our impact far reaching.

We are dedicated to cultivating lifelong love of learning in our community and positive impact on our world.

We will allocate the Beer for a Better Burque funding stream to the continued expansion our programs and services for professional practicing artists including:

  • Our galleries & exhibitions program delivers: monthly First Friday Art Openings; annual staff-curated shows, like our national Social Justice exhibition; and annual public events, like Encompass, a multi-generational art event which drew more than 1250 people to Harwood last March.
  • Our yearly professional development offerings serve emergent and established artists: Surface: Emerging Artists of New Mexico, a program providing a competitive exhibition, awards and a day-long workshop; Harvest CSA, Community Supported Arts, which provides 10 artists with stipends to create artworks for distribution to a group of shareholders; Thrive: Exhibitions by Application, a dozen gallery shows realized by local artists and supported by Harwood staff; and site-specific original works that we commission throughout the year.
  • We maintain 39 artist studios and several specialty studios, provide part-time employment to approximately 75 teaching artists and apprentices, and participate in a wide array of community-driven collaborative projects and events every year like Women & Creativity, Carnuel Parade, Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program, Art Is A Gift Emergency Fund for Artists, and many more.

To learn more, please visit

  1.    What should folks know about your organization who might not be actively involved yet?

Harwood is a center for community, creative expression and artistic growth. We serve all ages, providing arts education (both free and tuition-based) and a broad, diverse range of arts-focused programming. We invite everyone in Albuquerque to visit us, join us at our events and participate in our projects!

4.     What would you say to your community supporters in regards to their participation in the BBB program? What is your sales pitch?

New Mexico’s character, vitality and beauty can – in large part – be attributed the extraordinary artists who make it their home. Harwood is committed to supporting their work and their contributions to our community by providing professional development opportunities; education and enrichment programs; paid apprenticeship and employment positions; awards and commissions; studio, gallery and exhibition spaces; and more. We particularly love celebrating and showcasing their stunning achievements at all of our events throughout the year.

  1.   How do you plan on being actively involved in maximizing the potential rewards of this year long project as a BBB beneficiary?

All of the funds earned through BBB will go right back into strengthening and expanding our programs for professional practicing artists. We are looking forward to hosting events at Tractor Wells Park (right up the street from Harwood) for our teaching and studio artists, as well as for our Harvest CSA artists and collectors. And we are soooo excited to have Tractor’s presence – and delicious beverages – at our monthly gallery openings and annual capstone community art celebrations.

  1. What is your opinion of the ABQ craft beer scene, and do you believe it is lending positively to ABQ/NM economic development and local business development?

Our craft beer scene is an important component of New Mexico’s economic and municipal development, for so many reasons. Locally-owned enterprises are the fiber of every city, and they certainly shape the identity of ours. Businesses like Tractor are luminaries, and the impact of their investments in, collaborations with, and contributions to the vibrancy of our community reverberates widely.

  1. What is your favorite Tractor Beer?

Every Harwood staffer has a different one! Between us, we love them all.