Music – Here – There & EVERYWHERE!


Hello Beer Farmers,

We hope you are having a wonderful Monday. We here on the Beer Farm, are gearing up for another amazing week of music and more! If you’ve been hitting either of our locations on a regular basis, you might have noticed we have quite a few nights to offer up as far as musical entertainment is concerned. Many of you all out there in this beautiful city of ours, come to our tap rooms for events that have nothing to do with music, at times, in fact some of our stuff includes: poetry, theatre, comedy, and “fringe art.” We love variety – we also love to entertain and appeal to our patrons – sticking to the musical end of things, we’ve filled our calendar through 2014 with some folks we think you will like!

Thirsty Thursday – the 1st and 3rd Thursday music series at Tractor Brewing Wells Park, will play host to: Carlos The Tall of Youngsville, Chad Barela, Eryn Bent, Russle James Pyle of The Porter Draw, and Buddha and Jerel of Reviva, in the months to come. These Thursday nights are an invitation to come out and relax to the sounds of solo or duet styled performance by amazing guitarists/musicians. Many of these amazing talents can be found playing at venues all over town, and or on the front lines of some of the best bands in Burque. Mark your calendars and find our images online – check events on our FACEBOOK ~ and don’t miss any of these Thursdays to be thirsty at.

Solos on the Hill – is NEW to Tractor Brewing Nob Hill. We have had an amazing time serving up tasty pints to the crowd that normally hops around the Nob Hill area in search of libations and a nice atmosphere. Recently we decided to go ahead and make an addition to the vibe we’ve created that you all seem to enjoy so much. We started, and are continuing into 2015 a Wednesday music series: Solos on the Hill. We know, the amount of space on the patio at Nob Hill can be quite limited, so we’ve decided to only put solo artists out there for your listening pleasure. Some of the acts we have into 2015 include: Cali Shaw, Keith Sanchez, Alex Maryol, and Eryn Bent. You may have heard one of these song birds in a dimly lit bar somewhere in this city, and maybe more specifically, somewhere “on the hill,” we are bringing them to our tap room for you – so that we create a perfect pair – craft beer, and beautiful music. If you’d like to keep an eye on who is coming up to the hill next, please just keep an eye on us HERE. 

In The Mix – In The Mix – Tractor Brewing Wells Park’s DJ series on Saturday nights will also stroll into 2015 with quite the amazing lineup of turn table wizards. That’s right – we made sure you are taken care of through Jan of 2015 and are searching for the next stock of masters on the 1s and 2s. We will have for you: Cloudface, Flo-Fader, Shakedown, Buddha and N-Tox – in the weeks to come. Come on down at 9pm on a Saturday. Get away from the regular ol’ college filled scene up in Uptown and Nob Hill, avoid downtown – and get off the beaten path, with some beats and breaks! That’s right, bring your dancing shoes, and order up $4 pints all night long – that alone sounds like a drink special. Keep your eyes and ears peeled – and don’t forget to do something different with your weekend – we shall see you, in the mix.

That’s all for now – you have some inside information on our music scene at both of our locations and we hope you use it well! We can’t wait to see you at the next event – and are always open to your ideas of what you’d like to see when you come down to drink some beer. Thanks again for reading and we will see you again, next Monday!