Beer Farmers UNITE – Co-Op Membership BLOWOUT, Today!


Beer Farmers,

It is nearly 2015 – can you believe it? We can’t! We are super happy to be approaching the holidays with you all. Tractor Brewing Company has Jack The Sipper pouring right now, AND – we know you’ve been waiting, asking, and drooling… Turkey Drool has been brewed and we will soon announce the release of that tasty libation! That’s right – we knew that would make you happy.

Want to know what else is going to make you super happy on this Monday morning? We have a SPECIAL OFFER for you! Today, at our Wells Park location, we are having a 2015 Beer Farmers’ Co-Op Membership Blowout. 2015? Yeah, 2015! We didn’t make a mistake. Come and get your Co-Op Membership today, and get a 3 month head start. For any NEW Beer Farmers, that means you will have 15 months worth of groovy benefits, as opposed to the normal 12 calendar months! But wait, that’s not all. Today at Wells Park, when you buy Memberships, we will enter you into a raffle to win some Tractor Swag! Free stuff, who doesn’t like free stuff?

What is this free stuff, you might be wondering. Well friends, wonder no more! We will be giving away NEW apparel as the prizes to this Membership Blowout! We just released a comfortable and warm new Fall line of apparel. We have new logo t-shirts, long sleeved tees for the men and women, hoodies with a cool Dia De Los Muertos themed back print, and a special limited edition Local Artist Design T-shirt by the world renowned, Brian Everett. Brian Everett, has been tattooing as the owner of Route 66 Fine Line Tattoo since 1987, here in Albuquerque. He is a world renowned portrait artist, and the president of the National Tattoo Association. Brian was kind enough to partner with Tractor Brewing to give an artist’s rendition of Tractor Brewing’s vibe! He created a shirt that we love, and know you will too! Who knows, maybe one of you will win it – first things first, come down today and buy that Co-Op Membership!