Healing Through Art – Cynthia Ashley


Take this Blog Monday to read a bit about our newest artist in Nob Hill – Cynthia Ashley. She has an incredible story, we are happy to share with you. 

Born in 1975, Cynthia Ashley was always an admirer of art, living in and traveling throughout Europe for much of her life, it was her privilege to visit galleries, museums, and churches, viewing great works by many artists. Her immense appreciation for art and the artists was as far as her passion went.  Or so she thought…

Thirty-nine years old now, it was only about 7 years ago that Cynthia discovered her own place in the world of art.  After being diagnosed with a painful degenerative bone disease called as Ankylosing Spondylitis or AS, Cynthia’s “I can do anything” lifestyle took a turn.  Faced with physical limitations she was less than receptive and became driven to find something to help get her out of her funk. Stopping into a craft store one afternoon, not certain what she was looking for, Cynthia picked up a canvas, cheap paintbrushes, and watercolor paint.  When she arrived home she laid her purchases on a table in the corner of the room and for days and for hours at a time she sat and stared at the blank canvas until finally she decided to just paint.  The result was a mad mess but it was exactly what she’d been needing.  Cynthia’s first watercolor painting was completed in 4 hours that day and she titled it ‘Turmoil’.  The freedom and peace she found in painting had become her greatest therapy.  In the years since her first work was created, Cynthia has produced many more works with a wide range of subject matter using various mediums from watercolor and acrylic paint, to pastels, charcoal, colored pencil, and pencil drawings.   Completely self taught, her art is a result of her investment of used art books, hundreds of hours watching tutorials, and many years of morphing her pain and pity into relief and happiness.

In 2014, her works became public for the first time.  Cynthia has shared her works on Instagram and Facebook using the profile Cynthia Ashley Art.  Viewers are free to look through her expansive portfolio, make comments, purchase, or request commissioned work through these outlets.  New to the art world Cynthia has only begun to scratch the surface beginning with her work for charity organizations and private auctions in the Colorado Springs area.

“Art has taught me great restraint with the things I know I cannot control.  It’s the one thing that allows me the freedom to break the rules.”

-Cynthia Ashley