We Got Nothin’ But LOVE For Ya, Baby…


The month of February is about LOVE – yes, love! That four letter word that everyone hates – LOVE – you love to hate love, don’t you? Or you love to be in love? Or, you love loving others and showing that love, all day long, because, well, that’s just what you love… right?

Well Beer Farmers – February is your month then – and we have a whole slew of “love packed” events for you! We are starting off this mushy month, tonight, with a little bit of sour for your sweet. We are bringing our monthly piano man, down to Wells Park, and firing up the tunes. Casey Mraz will be singing about how much love stinks, tonight. That’s right – February 3rd, for one night only, starting at 8pm – come and listen – or sing along. He will have lists and lists and lyrics to the most bitter of songs; come be involved – Music For What ALES You.

We have a couple of folks who everyone in town loves – heard the names Buddha and Jerel? We bet you have! Well, they’re doing something as a duo these days, and go by the name of Dos Pendejos. You’ll definitely find some of that same sound you love, but in a more intimate and involved setting, when these two lay their fingers to the strings. Come on down to the Wells Park tap room for a round of beers, during our Thirsty Thursday music series, and listen to the NEW sound of this dymanic duo. Feb 5th at 8pm – FREE.

We know how many  of you loved, Breaking Bad. They are following up their greatness with a spin-off – heard of it? Ok, we’re joking, of course you’ve heard of it. Better Call Saul is coming to the Wells Park tap room – PREMIERE VIEWING PARTY – Sunday Feb 8th, starting at 7:30pm – we are rounding it all up: merch giveaways, vendor booths – sponsored by: A Good Sign, Yelp ABQ, and Pyragraph, we here at Tractor Brewing are supplying the atmosphere and giant screen – come out and have a good time, EVERY week beyond the premiere – Watch Better Call Saul, here!

Moving right along… We want to make sure you’re happy, and not just all bitter beer drinkers. So we will turn your love for art, into love for poetry and words, on February 10th at 7:00 pm when we bring you Poetry And Beer. We love poets so much, that when their recent venue, Blackbird, shut down, we took them on full-time. They are now at our Wells Park tap room exclusively for the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Nationally recognized featured poets, musicians, comedians and otherwise, find mic time at this one. Come on down and show some love sometime.

All of those amazing events are pre-“love day” – aka Valentine’s Day aka, spend lots of money day… not around the Beer Farm though! February 14th, this year, at BOTH locations we have FREE entertainment. Up in Nob Hill, we are singing about SEX – that’s right – on the most romantic night of the year; and, the night those that are looking for love just might find it, we are supplying some fuel for the fire. The Let’s Get It On Sing Along, will take place in Nob Hill, don’t miss it sexy singles. Couples, you want something FREE and fun? How about the Lovers’ Lounge? We will be entertaining with a variety of acts and then Flo Fader to spin you into lovely submission by night’s end – at Wells Park, come on down and have some fun!

We round out our month who two different shows of LOVE to our community. On the 16th of February, we are playing Drag Queen Bingo – a full on Bingo party with Drag Queen “numbers” in between, all in support of Truman Health Services, a health provider of HIV/AIDS services in our community. Come buy a card, watch the show, drink some beer, and help our community all the while. February 22nd, we turn our attention to the food trucks of Albuquerque, as I’LL Drink To That gives stage time to truck owners to talk about their business, and why they matter in our community. Consider this day a small business day – if you own, work, or lend to small business, be there. Both of these events are at the Wells Park location.

Sound like a lot? A lot of fun! That’s right Beer Farmers, it’s what we are about – fun while making things around us better – come be involved.