From “Bad…” to “Better” Burque Packs the tap for Premiere


A little FUNK for your Monday, as part of our beefier blog series – this one’s focused on Albuquerque Entertainment. Enjoy.

Last night was an interesting one, to say the least. The innards of Tractor Brewing Wells Park’s tap room were pushed to their happy seams as folks grabbed a seat, a stool, some space to stand – or a chair to stand on – to watch the Better Call Saul Premiere. Better Call Saul of course comes on the heels of Breaking Bad; the faithfuls were out and responded excitedly to evens unfolding on screen that were reminders and teasers referencing Burque’s seemingly most noticeable and widely known frame of pop culture reference, these days! “Oh, Albuquerque, Breaking Bad….” Yeah – we have become the land that Breaking Bad built – with Saul Goodman filling the gap of all “bad fans,” who were sad to see the series go – it seems like a spin-off couldn’t have been “called on,” at a better time. Time to start another cult following, ain’t it Albuquerque?

It’s not over yet – it’s only just begun –  Episode and part 2 of the two-night premiere airs TONIGHT at 8pm – and Tractor Wells Park will be back at it again.

Many were at it for the premiere; from, A Good Sign, a local print shop – Yelp ABQ, and Pyragraph an online career & lifestyle magazine for artists, musicians, writers and other creatives worldwide, there was a lot of help to make the night really one of a kind. Cloudface, a local LIVE artist painted a Saul Goodman that sold for $300 at an end of the show LIVE auction.

Prizes were drawn for – and folks were hipped to the “on-going” drawing for prizes throughout the season, that will end in amazing prints being won by lucky folks who earned tickets at ANY of the episode showings. That’s right – need not be present to win – and your presence earns you a chance! Sounds like a great deal! Artwork, and believe it or not a Better Call Saul bus bench, will be given away as part of the Season Finale celebration – with more details and fun TBD –

One’s gotta say, the atmosphere and feel things like this create for this city of ours, is simply incredible. People of all ages gathered together, and for a moment, locally owned businesses: beer, food, business resources, print, and more – all came together to support and see the city they love – on the literal “big screen!”

Albuquerque certainly managed to keep it “funky” last night – with so much promise for more! And – in saying so – it is preaching to the choir, the contents of this blog – because it was YOU Albuquerque, who showed up in droves and made the tap room feel like home. Keep your eye on Tractor Brewing Wells Park’s Facebook page, to stay up to date with all the details of each week: LIVE painters, prizes being given away, and more!