Birds of a Feather – Mother Daughter Art Powerhouse


Hey Beer Farmers,

We hope you are enjoying your Thursday. Thirsty? Head on down to a Tractor Brewing location and grab some libations; while you’re at the bar, we can provide the reading material too! We’ve been hipping you to the fact that Tractor is putting more info “on tap,” via this here blog! That’s right, we are expanding – and invite folks to inquire with story ideas. The categories are: Funk aka entertainment and art, Faces aka people around and in the Beer Farm family, Flavor aka local food trucks and beer and food pairing ideas, and Favorites aka anything you like in and or around one of our “Beer Farms,” so much you call it your favorite! Sound good? Today we have our first entry on the “Faces” front. We currently employ a very talented artist and have had the pleasure of her and her mother painting LIVE at numerous events that Tractor has put on over the years. We sat them both down and asked them the same set of questions – Today, you get Sparrow, the daughter’s answers – with Kerry, the mother’s, soon to come! Enjoy.

We asked Sparrow a few questions as to how she got involved in the “art scene” in good ol’ Albuquerque. She started by saying, “I got an email from Carlos (Tractor Brewing’s Good Times Liaison) asking if I’d like to be a part of a variety show called “I’ll Drink To That”. At first I was like, what the heck is that?? He explained to me that it involved live art, music, and poetry. He also told me it happened once a month at Tractor. How could I say no!? My first time, I had no idea what I was doing, but after over 2 years of doing it now, it’s a passion!” Passionate is a good word to describe the young Beertender who holds two jobs, and regularly accepts offers to paint commissioned pieces, by way of exposure gained in the hustling she has done in the Albuquerque live art scene in the last couple of years. You can catch Sparrow at numerous late night events and venues, or even behind the bar in both Nob Hill and Wells Park – now employed at Tractor Brewing Company, she lends to the business by bringing her network through the doors to have a good time and relax.

It’s pretty easy to develop friendships that last when you consider you friends, fellow artists and collaborators. When talking about the blessing that is the Burque creative scene, Sparrow said, “I love how a lot of Albuquerque artists keep their art close to home. By this, I mean pertaining to our lives here in Burque. I love how break dancing, and poetry, and art can all be so amazing and all have to do with where we all came from. I also love that I don’t feel in competition with anyone! We all know each other and get along and support one another! It’s like a family.” For Sparrow though, it isn’t just “like a family,” it IS family; Kerry Bergen her mother and well accomplished artist in her own right, can often be found painting at events right alongside her. When asked about what it was like to grow up and now grow with this connection to and because of her mother, Sparrow commented on that situation by saying, “I think it’s really fun! Not many people can say they have such a creative mother! I grew up around her always doing art and teaching art. Now being known together is amazing! And who could ask for a better person! My mom is the coolest!”

Their work is cool too! Check it out now, in Nob Hill on our tap room walls, or come out to Feb 22nd’s I’LL Drink To That to see some live creation – whatever the case may be, keep an eye on these birds, as they fly toward a future of great work – when asked about tips for other artists Sparrow added, “I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions and get your work out there! If you don’t ask you’ll never know. It also takes time. It’s taken me about 2 years to be where I’m at in my career! But it’s totally worth it. Make friends with other local artists and share your work. Don’t be discouraged either, if your work doesn’t sell right away. It’s a crazy journey!”

Cheers on that journey of yours, Sparrow – with your mother at your side, we are sure there is to be more magic made!

Stop in on Sparrow at either location and ask her some questions of your own – Do you have someone we should talk to? Send them our way – email us at or reach out to us on Facebook.