Business and OPTIONS Growing on the BeerFarm


Today, we turn to FLAVOR – one of our Blog Categories – and take a look at some changes, and ADDITIONS around the Beer Farm! 
Were you on “The Farm” yesterday? If you were, you might have noticed some “new comers,” to the Nob Hill board – That’s right “Beer Farmers,” we’ve brought on some guest taps to hang out on “The Hill” with us. New to Tractor Brewing Nob Hill are: Santa Fe Brewing Nut Brown, Santa Fe Brewing State Pen Porter, La Cumbre Elevated IPA, Marble Double White, and beers coming from 2nd Street Brewing, and Boxing Bear SOON! Pints and Growlers will be available for purchase across the board of these tasty beers. We have also increased our Tractor Brewing Offerings to 15 different selections behind the bar! Whatya’ think about that? We sure hope you like it. With change and growth come the increased costs of running a business – and the Beer Farm is adjusting daily to the production and quality we strive to meet to keep bringing you great suds and experiences on our premises, and in the package! We have our Apple Cider soon to hit the market in cans, keep an eye out for that. We appreciate everyone who comes to the brewery, our tap rooms, and otherwise buys are beautiful cans, created by local artist David Santiago.
As you look at the new boards at both locations, we can thank our hard working staff for the re-do, you will notice both new beers and new pricing. We’ve made some changes in regards to our “Flagship/Classic” beers, we’ve added to them. We have also adjusted pricing on our Seasonal Beers. We would like folks to consider that there are in fact several reasons behind the increase. We haven’t raised prices since we opened our Nob Hill location in 2011.  Over that period of time, we have started offering full benefits to our employees including retirement plans and health insurance. The server wage has also more than doubled. Additionally, the costs of raw materials continue to rise. We did price research around town and found that many pints start at $4.50 and move up beyond 6 dollars for specialty pours. We chose to raise prices on Seasonals because they are the most expensive to make, however we wanted to still have options for patrons who liked the $4 price point.  That is how we came up with the pricing strategy. We also still have pints of Little Red Ryeding Hood for $2. The discussion has also begun about ALWAYS offering a $2 pint of some flavor – so you never know, you’re favorite Seasonal might just end up on the $2 tap some day soon… Sound good?
Additionally, we have added: Apple Cider, Milk Mustachio Milk Stout, and Pilsner #15 to our Flagship/Classic offerings – in order to offer 7 choices at the $4 price point. Our “Co-op Members” will continue to receive their $1 OFF pints on ALL TRACTOR OFFERINGS. We find it important to continue to offer the discount across the board on the beers we brew in house. Discounts on Growler fills and Pints from our guest breweries are not available due to market pricing, but we think it’s pretty groovy you don’t have to go all the way down to 2nd Street, or the West Side now, to grab some tasty guest tap libations.
So Beer Farmers, to re-cap – we just want to express how much we appreciate everyone that has been with us from the beginning, and that continues to grow with us as we offer up more and more beer for everyone’s drinking pleasure. We know that you have a number of options when you choose where to imbibe, and we hope you continue to do so with us. With everything we’ve created on the Beer Farms, from community art, to fundraising, to special events, and good ol’ regular drinking days – we know that quality service, beer, and a memorable experience make things worth supporting, and we thank you for you support!