It’s A Sign: A Good Sign – A Convo With a Tractor FAVORITE


Howdy Beer Farmers, we’re back! Another Blog to offer up on this amazing Friday – today, we have a “Favorite” for you. What is it? A Good Sign of course – Who are they? What are they? What do they do? Well, let’s figure it out – enjoy!


We gave our good friend, and local business owner, Tami Abts a call recently and asked her if she would do us the favor of offering up some answers to a couple of questions. She said yes, because well, she is awesome – and the rest is the amazing information that it is. Our first and most important question had to do with what exactly is A Good Sign, and how did it all begin. Tami explained that A Good Sign is a business that prints “huge, gorgeous, giclée fine art reproductions and photographic prints on a variety of mediums including gallery wrapped canvas. We also make indoor and outdoor signage and offer an amazing selection of materials,” mentioned Abts. Well, that sounds super cool! We continued the discussion about where A Good Sign has been, and where it is going, to which Abts mentioned a new development, “We offer wholesale pricing to artists and resellers.  A new partnership that we are very proud of is with Harwood Art Center,” said Abts.

Abts is a one woman show these days, pumping out work from her 5th and Haines (524 Haines Ave NW) location for a number of clients – one of her most notable gigs, was her printing responsibilities and work for Breaking Bad, heard of it? When talking of things “Bad,” bad meaning good, Abts said “We did set printing for Breaking Bad and they kept us super busy.  A lot of the stuff you see hanging on the walls in Walt’s house, Mike’s apartment, Hank and Marie’s house (purple, of course!), Gale’s house, etc was printed by us. We printed everything for the walls in the bad guy’s clubhouse 4x so they could do four takes of blowing it to smithereens during the series finale.  That set was really cool to see.  A huge thing we were excited to do was print over 1000 big, beautiful prints for the series wrap party, to make it a trip down memory lane for the cast and crew.  It’s been so much fun!  We love the last-minute challenges thrown our way and enjoy seeing it all come together on the big screen.  We’re proud to have been fortunate enough to work closely with Breaking Bad’s brilliant head set decorator Michael Flowers, both for the show and on other film projects he has been a part of. “ Cool right? With the connection to Breaking Bad, we figured we would ask about Better Call Saul, the follow-up series, that is actually the prequel to the famed show that put ABQ on the map in many ways.


Tami talked about Better Call Saul and her involvement with the series as it develops and moves now into the upcoming 4th episode. “As for Better Call Saul, we haven’t done nearly as much for the set, sadly, but we have been printing for the BCS studio art department and for Bob Odenkirk.  I’m crossing my fingers they’ll have more to send our way as production continues.  The show is amazing and definitely stands on its own, in my opinion.  I’m excited to be a part of the watch parties every Monday at Tractor Wells Park and to giveaway a bunch of great prizes.” Awe, shucks, we like watching the series on our projection screen too – we LOVE having Tami in our tap room any day of the week, and her show of love for us, via sponsorships and patronage, led us to ask her: Why Tractor?


“I love how community-oriented the brewery and taprooms are and how professional – yet entirely personable – the entire staff and owners are.  I hold most of my customer meetings at Tractor Wells Park because of the ambiance and the personality of the folks that work at and frequent the brewery.  I love the collaborative exchange we have with the events we’ve worked on together as well as print & sign orders they’ve placed with me.” Orders from the Beer Farm will continue to come as far as the Beer Farmers are concerned, simply because supporting local, quality, affordable, and ethical businesses is a great thing to do; it also makes things easier when folks like Tami are at the helm – there is never a “no,” instead, always a will and a way – something appreciated oh so much by Tractor Brewing, a business that daily deals with the changing market, increased business, and demand to present and represent a quality and consistent brand!

Speaking of branding – A Good Sign, neat name, we asked just how it came to be. “I had a couple brainstorming sessions with some good friends.  I knew I wanted a play on words and that I wanted the name to be positive.  I’m not sure if it was myself or my pal Jen Sincero, but as soon as “A Good Sign” was said aloud, I knew it had to be.  The logo is one of my favorite fonts – American Typewriter and the smiley is kind of my personal trademark…I’ve signed my name with a smiley face for as long as I can remember,” said Abts.

As far as that brand and where it’s headed and how you can get down with the goodness… well – Tami says “Honestly, I’m beyond grateful to be able to do what I love every day and I just hope to expand and continue to make such amazing connections in the community.  I love this town, there are always so many exciting things happening and I feel blessed whenever I am able to be a part of it.  Soooo….I guess my answer would be to continue what I’ve been doing and to get bigger and better!” If you’d like to setup your next print job, and or talk the business of what Tami Abts is in the business of, Tami says to find her in the following ways “Text messaging me at 505-304-0275 or emailing will ensure the quickest response.  I’m currently working alone here at the shop, so I tend to get backed up with voicemails … I would say that is the least effective way to get ahold of me these days.  I meet with customers by appointment and my shop is right around the corner from Tractor Wells Park. Please check out our website”

Hell, just come on down for a pint and hang out – chances are Tami will walk in – and that will be a good sign! Get it…? Cheers!