A Familiar Face Coming For St. Patrick’s Day Art Market! Nikki Zabicki!


Six years ago, Nikki began her Grower’s Market ways, slanging her ever so prevalent and popular belt buckles to just about everyone with cash in their pockets and denim hanging off their waists.  As we talked it was easy to see just how fond Nikki is and has always been of those “customers.” So today, we take time to talk about a “Face” that we love to see so much on the Beer Farm – in this “Faces” edition of our Tractor Blog.

It almost seems wrong to label them as customers, when she says things like, “I did the Zia sign belt buckle because my customers asked for it. I started doing Dia de Los Muertos inspired worked because my customers asked for it. My work is purchased as gifts for commemorative events in people’s lives like weddings, and birthdays, graduations and births. I have a duty to represent our lives here in Albuquerque (and this world) so that other people can enjoy it and call it their own,” said Zabicki when she talked about the customers who have helped her get to where she is in her art career.

For Nikki, art is something that she found herself incredibly talented at. It was a community in Albuquerque that found her to be so awe inspiring though, that pushed this amazing artist to be so present in our every day lives. You can see her work all over the street, just keep your eyes out, or well, about waist high… otherwise, look at the walls at Toad Road, she has murals inside – In fact, she has literally “hung” in every bar in town – no joke! She charted em’ all onna’ map!

Albuquerque has cause to be proud of its own in this situation – originally from all over the New Mexico map, we have to be glad that her paint brush rolled and landed in the land of enchantment. Nikki currently lives just a car ride away from the Duke City. Raton, NM is now new stomping grounds for Nikki. Despite her absence physically, for the lot of the month, most months, she has kept her wares, in our wearable reach. She is coming back for March’s “Green Room” Art Market and Mixer at Tractor Brewing Wells Park, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day from 6pm-Close! That’s right you will be able to make sure you take home a new belt buckle, print, or piece of jewelry from the lady who seemed to start one of a kind craft desire to accessorize in this city of ours.

She doesn’t have to be in any one place anymore, to sell her stuff. She has expanded her operation, and started lending to keeping a constant and growing web-presence. This has allowed Nikki to grow the brand that she has worked so hard to create. She is an artist’s artist – when asked what it meant to be an artist, she said “Being an artist to me is much like being a public servant. I have been a community based artist up until this point and I hope to continue to be but just grow my client base to all over the world.”

As she returns home – we talked about home, and what the Albuquerque art community means to an artist like Nikki. “There really aren’t words to express my gratitude and appreciation towards the Albuquerque community for their constant support and enthusiasm about my artwork and my career. The support I’ve gotten from this community has been the constant fuel that’s kept my fire burning for 10 yrs. My fans in Albuquerque have become my friends and family, and my artwork and I have become apart of their friends and family. I cherish the relationships and support that I have received from the community of artists and customers.”

We LOVE us some Nikki Zabiki – the next time you are in either of our tap rooms, keep an eye out – take a look at the belt buckles she created from our cans that have the original artwork of David Santiago. We feel very lucky to be associated with such a strong community of collaborative artists – and we encourage you to come out to the EVENT ON MARCH 17TH – see what Albuquerque art has to offer, and do something different for St. Patrick’s Day.


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