Singer Song Writer Lights Her Own Path; It Leads Her To Burque & BEYOND In 2015


Beer Farmers, it’s Thursday. We are sure you already knew that… but you may or may not know that that means it is by beautiful default: Thirsty Thursday! That’s right TONIGHT on the Tractor Brewing Wells Park Beer Farm, we have Eryn Bent playing LIVE! 8pm she will kick off an evening of soulful, rich, and amazing music – you just have to bring your “thirst” for beer and tunes, we will do the rest. First though, read a bit about this belle of the Beer Farm, in one of our “Funky” conversations with one of our favorite musicians! Enjoy! 

“I’m definitely a stout girl, so my growler is usually filled with the Double Plow Oatmeal Stout, or the Chocolate Milk Stout. I must say though, the new Scotch Ale is a close second! Delicious,” said Eryn Bent, about our beer during a recent conversation, with the red-headed “Rockicana” singer. Yes, “Rockicana” – if you have never heard her sing, you oughta, she is so different and unique that a new word had to be created to describe her awesome sound. We are looking forward to the term being added to the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary in 2016, wink wink. Anyway, we digress, what is to follow is a conversation with one of our favorite musicians in Albuquerque, Eryn Bent. We talked about a bunch of things – mainly focusing on the new home to Bent, Burque, and what it means for her music career and future.

We discovered Eryn by way of her hitting town to play a couple gigs, last year, then, she lived in Santa Fe. Although we love Santa Fe, we are glad that Eryn began to love Albuquerque more than she would’ve imagined. She has made the move down the hill, and now is more readily available for booking on both of our Beer Farms. When asked about her visits to said Beer Farms, Eryn said, “I love everything about Tractor – the atmosphere, the patrons, the staff, the BEER, the EVENTS – there really is no other place like it, and boy, are people like me damn grateful for that! Tractor has been so supportive of me and my music, and I’ve gained many fans thanks to them. Great beer, great events, and all local – can’t go wrong. I love it.”  She then added to the conversation about why the move to Albuquerque, saying, “I’d lived in Santa Fe for a little over four years, and I started visiting Santa Fe in 2005 when I graduated high school, so I’m very familiar with Santa Fe. Over the last year, I’ve started to play more and more Albuquerque venues, and have found myself more energetically geared towards Albuquerque’s atmosphere and scene. Being from such a small town, Albuquerque is by far the largest city I have lived in, and at this point in my life and in my career I’m ready for anything! I still find myself playing frequently in Santa Fe, which I love, but it was time to move my home to ‘Burque, for big and beautiful things.”

Eryn is staying insanely busy – if you catch her feed on any of the social media networks, you know it is easy to “get Bent,” any night of the week. She isn’t only at the bars, coffee shops, and just about anywhere else you can strum on a six-string, though, she is also in the studio. “I’ll be releasing my second studio album this April, a 30-song, 2-disc solo album with 10 years-worth of songs, from 2003-2013. This will be a completely crowd-funded album, which I’m so grateful and excited for! We’re halfway through recording, and I can’t wait to share this album. It’s just me and a guitar, live. No cuts, no edits, no auto-tune – just Bent, baby!” Sounds pretty good to us; in fact we are pretty sure that would even sound good to T-Pain (T-Pain could not be reached for comment, so we are speaking for him). Once the mixing and mastering are done, it’ll be time to master the ceremonies and hit the road – and Bent is prepared to do that. She has a tour lined up that will hit many other places than these two beautiful cities she is currently flying between. The “Firefly,” spoke about said tour that is rapidly approaching, “I also start kicking off my year of touring at the beginning of April, starting with four dates in Seattle and a debut gig in Portland, Oregon. I have a spring and a fall Montana tour scheduled, and at this point am reaching out and playing in eight states: New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Washington, Oregon, New York, and Tennessee. I’ll be making my debut in Nashville – my first gig at the Tennessee Brew Pub – in July. Very excited about that,” she said – to which we have to say, we are too!

Big things for Bent in 2015 – if we were running her campaign, that might be slogan we offered up! This Lewistown, Montana born girl has taken Burque by storm – and she isn’t getting caught in the rain, in fact, she is leaving a light in her wake as she passes through bar and coffee shop, one after another, a touch of the Firefly, resonating behind – a trail of tunes that her audience members wake up singing – it might sound a little something like this…

“There’s an aching in my head, I can’t get up from this bed

Your voice is lingering, and I’m still reeling

When I wake up, boy, these thoughts of you, they take up all my time

I’m hung-over from those dreams last night.”


Cheers, Ms. Bent – see you on the Beer Farm! TONIGHT!