March Madness – in a Different Kind of Way: MUSIC


Hey there, Beer Farmers. We sure hope you are enjoying your Thursday at this point in time. We know you will likely be enjoying it later at one of our tap rooms, and for that we say thank you! In any event, we wanted to take some time here to talk about the “madness” that is ensuing for March! We recently got a good amount of interest from folks that are traveling the country singing, rapping, and entertaining their way toward SXSW – heard of it? If you haven’t it is this small, neat, and “fun” music festival of sorts, in some city in Texas – wink wink! In any event, we are super stoked to have some amazing musicians traveling through, either to play SXSW, or to play the surrounding cities while the madness of an amazing music festival takes the Southwest by storm.

We have some incredible shows coming up! We are really excited to be welcoming a “Legend” to our tap room – that’s right an actual “Legend.” Luckyiam, formerly of the Living Legends, a rap group started in California in the early 90’s, is coming to Wells Park. If you are a 20 something to 40 something, chances are, you cut your Hip-Hop teeth on some of the rhymes and beats of this musical beast of a group. Although they are no longer together, their separation brought to the world of music, six individual genius minds that are now onto different projects – we are lucky, to have Lucky, bringing the product of one of his most recent projects our way – don’t miss out on the SCXSW Tour – Friday March 13th – 9pm to close at Tractor Brewing Wells Park – this is a 21+ plus show for those that can party on “The Farm,” and appreciate where some of our most inspirational artist moments began – as we grew and nurtured a love for this thing we call Hip-Hop – hope to see you there!

If we miss you Friday – and you are looking for something more on the “relaxed” end of things, to finish out your weekend, with some suds and songs – join us Sunday March 15th at 4pm. Lucy LaForge another California artist, who is route to SXSW, is going to bring her guitar and beautiful voice to Wells Park. Beyond her voice and six-string, everything else is just a Sunday afternoon and business as usual – except for it isn’t the usual – this is a one-time-only opportunity to see Ms. LaForge in action. Thank you to our friends at Central Root Studios, and Visceral View Entertainment for the nod our way! Tractor Brewing Company continues to survive and thrive in creating a hub for the arts, through our connections to great local businesses and artists with similar minds!

Tuesday aka St. Patrick’s Day – brings a whole host of entertainment to Tractor Brewing Wells Park, with a little celebration we are calling “The Green Room.” There is a definite play on words, with the entertainment being one of Burque’s newest and up and coming Reggae bands: Burque Sol, the ever popular 2Bers, and DJ Flo Fader providing the music. There will be primarily recycled goods for sale as arts and crafts vendors from near and far fill the tap room and hallway – and bag pipe players start our day – we open at 3, with bag pipes at 4 – music beginning at 6 – and the party going until last call! Call that a good day – and it’s all FREE!

A week from today, we have Mondo Vibrations in the house. Mondo is a band that is local, and has taken the local scene by fire, but will begin touring the region in 2015. Having already done a host of shows in the immediate Southwest, we are happy to see this funky group getting out on the road and spreading the “vibration,” near and far! We can’t wait to have the vibe settle in over the crowed on March 19th, at 8pm, for part of our Thirsty Thursday Music Series! It is going to be a FREE show not to be missed! If you miss it – well… we will drink a beer for you!

March 20th starting at 7pm, we are gifted with a stop on the Southwest tour of an artist that decided to forego SXSW and release his album all around the country. Thanks to some promotional and organizational help we acquired, we are super excited to present: Decker – on tour with the release of his album “Patsy.” Come out and see local group, Bellemah open, and then watch as Decker closes down the Beer Farm. We can’t wait to have you in the mix for this show that is one you simply cannot miss.

That isn’t ALL we have for March – but we do feel like that is a great start to giving you sneak peek into what is brewing by way of musical entertainment in the month of “madness.” We are continually honored, humbled, and grateful to serve our Albuquerque patrons – thanks for believing in us, and making the Beer Farm what it is! Cheers!