“Pay Up, Gov….” Time To Sign Some Bills, Susana!


If you’re a New Mexico resident, you are surely satisfied with the end of the Legislative Session; you also might not be satisfied with the results. Some bills are in limbo. Some bills died on the House or Senate floor – and others got eaten up in committee – for those bills that made it out of those rounds of legislation and the back and forth of state politics – now, there is just one last step. The last step in this process rests in the hands of the most important lady in the land – no, not Lynette. If it was up to Lynette to sign a giant pile of bills into law, she might say something like “eeee, I can’t sign all those bills, my hand will cramp up all sick!” The lady that needs to acquire some serious hand cramps is none other than our Governor, Susana Martinez.

Susana Martinez can do her best pen magic to make the NM Brewers Guild one happy conglomerate of sud-busting folks. The 52nd Legislative Session brought about three bills that now rest on the desk of the Governor ready for her signature. Not until these bills are signed, will they be considered law – so although a lot of hard work has been done to see them get this far, the work is not over. Folks have feverishly worked to make sure that these bills stayed alive until they hit the desk of the one person left – now it is up to us to see if these three make it through and aren’t a topic of discussion for the 53rd Legislative Session, but rather a conversation about the success of such processes. The bills up for the consideration of being signed into law are:

Senate Bill 238 – Allows Brewpubs with a Restaurant License to distribute their own product.

Senate Bill 440 – Allows Brewers and Winegrowers to sell to one another – we call it reciprocity.

House Bill 243 – Omnibus Liquor Control Act Bill includes: Growlers, Alternating Proprietorship, and 3rd Tap Room.

Want to know how you can help? With so many things to choose from, one hand, one pen, and only her own brain to make the decisions, we can use your influence to help Governor Martinez choose to dig through the pile and sign these three very important bills. All you have to do is call her and let her know you support her signing these three bills. Her number is (505) 476-2200.