Pump Your Brakes: Nick’s Garage Just Moved Across From The Beer Farm


From time to time around the Beer Farm, we like to look around, take a walk, ask some folks about businesses and business owners in our neighborhoods, who folks appreciate, and frequent. We like to think of ourselves as “part of a team,” down here at Tractor Brewing. Without business happening around us, and without folks on our street walking through our doors, the amount of impact we can make not on our own bank account, but on the local economy, is lessened. We believe that supportive communities of local business owners, allow for Albuquerque to continue the positive growth, we are seeing in many areas of town. We aim to lend to the growth of our respective neighborhoods. We notice those that move in and immediately add to the “atmosphere.” This week, we have a blog about an automotive repair shop that sits right across the street from Tractor Brewing Wells Park: Nick’s Garage. They’ve been just across 4th street for a couple of months now, and have already worked on our box-truck and company truck. They’ve been honest, efficient, and fair. We sat down with a couple of their folks behind the scenes, and talked about what they do. We wanted to direct our Beer Farmer family in the direction of a local automotive repair business; with our efforts of creating partnerships and friendly biz in our neighborhood, we hope to continue to grow not only our own business, but the economy in this city of ours. So cheers, to Nick’s Garage – learn a little about them here, then stop in and get your next check-up, or bit of work done on that car of yours. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


“Nick’s Garage got its start as an automotive repair shop in June of 2014, off of Jefferson. We service all makes and models of vehicles, from your American made vehicles to foreign makes, as well as “toys,” whether it be: boats, bikes, or off-road vehicles, if it has an engine and wheels, or at least an engine, chances are, we will work on it. We have a bunch of specials going on – and keep some constant. Some of the things we always offer are: $24.95 oil changes, and FREE brake and diagnostic checks – you never know when your check engine light is going to come on; when that light comes on, just bring it our way, and we will see what is up with your vehicle,” said Shawn Sturgeon of Nick’s Garage, when I asked him about the history and current offerings Nick’s Garage provides.

I went on to talk with Nick, of Nick’s Garage, about the recent move to a busier neighborhood, and what that means for business growth. I also wanted to know about creative ways they might be lending, and or giving back to the community we now share. Nick put me at ease with a charitable mind, his responses about what they, an automotive repair shop, have in mind in regards to what they can do for the neighborhood of Wells Park, were awesome, and right on point in regards to the type of neighbors we love to have and work with. “We love being located at 4th and I-40. There is an increased amount of traffic with local businesses moving into the neighborhood, and higher visibility being just off the freeway. We have seen an increase in business, and an increase in the number of people in our community that now know we are here. We would like to host some community oriented events in the Summer-months. Our parking lot would work well for carwashes and bake sales. If you are an organization looking for a fundraising spot, we might have space for you to do it in,” said Nick.

To wrap it up, I asked some obvious questions, like, “why your garage?” Everyone has choices in the realm of car repair, I get that, they get that, and I am sure you the reader agree and get that too. To that, Shawn simply said, “If you are looking for an honest, courteous and professional, locally owned automotive repair business, Nick’s Garage is your place. We take pride in the work that we do. Please don’t avoid automotive repair because you are afraid of what it might end up costing you. The reality in the end, is that problems that go un-remedied will just cause more expensive repairs. We strive to keep our business fair and our prices affordable, so don’t worry – let us do that – and let us fix that car of yours and get you back on the road.”

All I can say is, the next time a light comes on, I won’t ignore it, but rather give Nick’s Garage a call and get my ride in for repair. We think you should too.