Father’s Day Will Be A Hoppy Day on the Beer Farm!


Hey there folks. We all know how much everyone here in the “Duke City” loves the idea of awesome beer. Some of us, not all, know how to make beer- many, experiment in garages, and closets around town. Some folks are so good, they’ve begun entering the home brew competitions. Other folks, love the idea of getting in behind the scenes, to know how it is made – just once at least!

For folks all along the spectrum of beer making know how, the Beer Farmers here at Tractor Brewing have decided to do something special for the fathers, on Father’s Day weekend. The Saturday of Father’s Day weekend, Tractor Brewing is cracking its doors early for 20 men, and or their sons and daughters. That’s right, it can be bought as a “paired” ticket too, for those 21+ sons and daughters that want to be alongside their dad as they both get a look at the step by step of creating craft beer. If you buy a “pair” ticket you get a discount! Limited quantities of both styles of tickets exist.

Show up at 10am and get hands on – with time to watch listen and learn, or physically get involved, there will be something for everyone on this one-time-only brewing experience kind of day. We figured it the perfect treat for a day like Father’s Day. It is a six hour shift, and that means folks are going to get growling going while the beer does its thing. When it comes time for a lunch break, simply grab a seat, and Cheese and Coffee Downtown, good friends of the Beer Farm, will take care of the rest; with a libation in hand, and a sandwich to boot – ward of  the noon time hunger beasts and gear up for round two of making a brew.

Finishing around 4pm, this day of behind the scenes at our beautiful and big Wells Park brewery, is a special treat for all those dads who just happen to be beer geeks. This year, give the gift that keeps on giving – how? You might ask… Well, when you’re done it’ll take this batch 10-21 days, depending on the style our brewers choose, to do what it does – and be ready for you to enjoy. So, start the process, get it to the point of fermenting, then come back when it’s done, and taste the fruits of your labor! Sound like a good idea? Well, we will see you Saturday June 20th at 10am! Remember you MUST buy tickets ahead of time; get your tickets at:  http://holdmyticket.com/#/e/205890